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5 Ways Meditation Keeps Me Creative

5 Ways Meditation Keeps Me Creative

The creative process is one that fluctuates in its attributes every time I visit it. There are times when my ideas flow quickly and naturally. There are other times when I feel that I cannot come up with a creative idea to save my life. These are normal in the arena of creativity, but they have bred some unhealthy, self-deprecating feelings about myself in association with being creative.

I’ve thought to myself that I’m working too slow, I’m not original enough or worst of all; that I shouldn’t continue being an artist. When I started taking a better look at my overall health, I decided that mediation was an important practice to add to my daily routine. After I did, I started noticing incredible benefits to overall health and wellbeing, but in addition to that, my life as a creative improved dramatically.

Consistent meditation helps keep me in my creative flow calling on my basic human needs and thought patterns to enrich my life as an artist. Below is a list of 5 ways meditation keeps me creative:

1. Patience

Meditation cultivates patience

When I’m trying to think of an idea for my next project, I want it to come immediately. I put so much pressure on myself to produce something engaging and meaningful for my audience. Meditation has taught me that in all aspects of my life I need to cultivate patience; patience in the process and patience to experience results. I didn’t fall into a mediation practice that worked for me immediately, that in itself took patience.

There are days where I don’t get into my meditation flow until minutes after beginning. Instead of quitting, I practice patience and believe that I will enter the perfect state of flow that I need to start my day. With each breath and intention, I gain more patience with my creative process which has made it so much more enjoyable. If I don’t have any more ideas for a script I’m writing one day, I don’t hesitate to revisit it another day. I’ve been more lenient with myself and enjoy space to think and live in between sessions of creating.

2. Staying Present

I have found the most difficulty in staying present. As a creator, I am constantly thinking about what I’m going to produce next, where I am going to film it and all of the details in between. Meditating forces me to focus on my chest rising and falling as I breathe, the wind hitting my face and how each moment makes me feel. Being more aware of the present moment allows me to tap into the stories that I have yet to tell and bring to life in my work. I’ve been able to discover what lies between heart beats and glances, getting deeper into my thoughts. All that I wish to express lies in my ability to be present enough to articulate what I see.

3. Release Self-Doubt

Meditation clears self doubts about oneself

I’ve spoken to many creators in my life; art teachers, writers, photographers, producers, and many more. When discussing the exposure of oneself through art, at one time or another in their careers there has been a period of self-doubt. I am no exception. I’ve learned how to accept myself through meditation. I’ve been able to find comfort in all of my thoughts, feelings and aspirations. Through this practice I’ve been able to create a barrier between my authentic self and the opinions of others. I’ve been forced to view each corner of my thoughts with pure adoration. I now see each tick as valuable and impactful. Creating is now a process I take part in without a second thought on the opinion of my audience; I focus on my intention. If my intentions are good, so is what I’m creating.​

4. Forgiveness

I’ve made so many mistakes, been too trusting with other fellow creators, neglected to create for a long period of time and created things that I haven’t put my all into. All of this I’ve beat myself up for and held negative feelings toward myself for. In centering myself through meditation, I’ve been able to open up and accept the constant exploration that is my daily experience and realize that there will be errors that occur as a result of my adventures. Through my practice, I now look at myself as simply a human being giving my energy to the universe. Within this exchange of energy I’ve been able to recognize my shortcomings and attach myself to the lessons learned instead of the pain associated with learning them. As a result, I’ve been more bold in the risks I’ve taken, less apprehensive when I want to try something new and more focused on the creative path I’m on.

5. Manifest Greatness

Meditation manifests greatness in one's lifestyle

Whatever we do, it should be done with the intention of it being great and influencing others to be great. Art is no exception. I used to wish and hope myself to greatness before mediation. Now, through my practice I manifest my ideal life; that includes my ideal creative process, outcomes, collaborations, publications and influences. When focusing on my heart beat, I can see the next scene in my short film, I can picture what colors the theme will include or what location I will be at next. Manifestation through meditation doesn’t just give me the vision to create my dreams, it gives me the motivation to connect what I see to the present moment. There is no better feeling than seeing my entire library of thoughts, emotions and textiles come to life through my work. Greatness is giving your all to a mission or a goal no matter what the outcome. Giving all of your energy to a project you manifested proves to add so much worth and fulfillment to your life.

My wellness journey has been a long one and it’s only just begun. I’ve learned through this journey that my mental state is the most important asset I have. Meditation has empowered me to change the conversation I have with myself, transforming it into one that it more conducive to being a successful and happy creative being.​

Nicole Whitehall is an artist, digital content creator and intrepreneur. She tells meaningful stories through video that cover topics from women empowerment to self-love. Follow her on Instagram @nicolewhitehall.

Nicole Whitehall

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