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Rejuvenate Your Health and Skin

Beets – A Sure Way to Rejuvenate Your Health and Skin

The secret to a bold, stress-free and healthy lifestyle is crafting your diet niftily to favor your body tissues. Beetroots have for centuries played an integral bodybuilding role with most of their benefits manifesting on the skin and hair.

The good news is that they are cheap to purchase and grow naturally in tropical climates. Needless to say, they are the 21st-century gems for anyone already consuming them. So, is this you?

The beauty of these priceless superfoods is that they can be consumed raw as salad, blended into a glass of juice or cooked alongside other meals. Besides, their leaves are also edible meaning you get almost 100% nutritional value from each harvest.

Take a Look at What Each Cup of Blended Beets Promises:

  • 14% Vitamin A
  • 58 calories
  • 2 grams of protein
  • 10% of Vitamin C
  • 6% of iron and 2% of calcium

Excited already? Not before you read this. Did you know that beets are also excellent sources of riboflavin, manganese, copper, folate and selenium? These elements are vital for regeneration of cells and growth of tissues. They will give you a sparkling skin long before you meet any equally powerful food.

Now let’s explore the benefits of beets more profoundly. We will begin our journey from the skin, then look at the overall health impact, and finally, we shall learn a few recipes and tips to get the most out of this beauty miracle.

Skin Benefits

Kills Pimples and Acne

Are you battling inflammatory diseases? If your answer to this is a yes, perhaps learning of the rich nutrients in beets that are capable of repairing the skin will delight you. Yes, they contain vitamin C which helps to reduce the occurrence of pustules and kills pimples. Dietetics recommend that you take them raw alongside carrots to accelerate the healing process.

Keeping Your Skin Moisturized

Although our bodies are conditioned to shed off dead cells regularly, sometimes unknown defects hinder this natural process drying our skin as a result. What beets do is increase water retention in the body which in turn stimulates sweating and eventually washing off of the dead layer of skin.

Beets Lighten Your Skin

Beets Lighten Your Skin

Dreaming of lightening your skin without employing chemical beauty products? Try this natural and proven traditional remedy. Agriculture was the best invention to humanity. You can now harvest an unlimited supply of beets, thanks to our productive mother nature. To make your skin lighter, mince the beet, add about two tablespoonfuls of lemon and rub the resultant solution on your hands until they are wet enough to apply the solution on your face. Relax for approximately 25 minutes before washing it off your face. Twenty days later compare your current to your former look, and you will notice a difference.

Free Your Skin from Blemishes

Our blood is responsible for dark spots that form on the skin surface. So, what can beetroots do in this case? They have zinc which aids in purifying the blood. Researchers claim that purification is very active and near instant to anyone who also takes tomatoes. Just chop the two into slices, then enjoy your salad and say goodbye to blemishes.

Prevents Skin Aging

Wrinkles appear when our skin becomes less elastic. Oxidation is responsible for the loss of the skin’s elasticity. Beetroots contain antioxidants which neutralize oxidation triggers. By far, this slows down aging and encourages cell multiplication.

Beetroots Soften Your Lip Skin

Do you like your lips supple? Imagine, this is as simple as applying beetroot juice on your lip skin. For faster results, alternate the application with lemon juice. The two work like a charm. They will not only soften them but also will accentuate the pink color making them appear delicious.

Let’s now shift the gears to the health benefits of beetroots.

Beets Boost Hemoglobin Levels

Beets Boost Hemoglobin Levels

Do you know that over 6% of Americans die annually from anemia? Surprisingly, this deadly malady can be managed by simply including beetroots in our diet. As aforementioned, beets contain iron, vitamin B, and folate. They are the primary building blocks of hemoglobin. To avoid being a victim, ensure you take at least 3 cups of beet juice weekly. Anemia will never find a place in your blood.

Improve Detoxification Function

The liver is one of the essential organs of the body. Its primary role is to detoxify the blood. Beetroots contain glutathione which is an antioxidant helpful in protecting the liver from failing. It works by stimulating the regeneration of cells in the liver. The antioxidant is also known to accelerate the synthesis of fats in the body.

Helps Reduce Cancer Occurrence

Cancer is one the deadliest lifestyle diseases that is responsible for over 50% of annual deaths in most countries. While there are some other triggers, carcinogen accounts for almost all cases of Cancer. Beets have anti-carcinogenic properties. They boost oxygen levels in cells by augmenting hemoglobin production. And since cancerous cells rarely multiply in the presence of elevated levels of oxygen, thriving is deterred.

Protects the Elderly From Dementia

Usually, most people’s old age is characterized by impaired memory, mood fluctuations, and weak reasoning. But do you know this is preventable? Yes, blood flow to the brain declines whenever old age kicks in. To increase the flow, intake of foods with nitrogen compounds is advised. Beets are excellent sources of the same. The best part? Within 30 days your mental ability will begin improving.

Increase Your Stamina With Beets

Are you a bodybuilder or an athlete seeking to increase your potency? Instead of using the chemically induced steroids, try natural products and experience the difference. Beets are natural supplements which aid in blood circulation. This way, your cells benefit from faster nutrient transportation.

They Lower Blood Pressure

Poor blood flow is the genesis of most blood pressure cases. Beets are rich in nitrates which enhance vasodilation of veins. Therefore, your organs will receive more blood that they otherwise would in the absence of nitrates. Enhanced blood flow reduces pressure on the heart and consequently averts the blood pressure disease.

Cures Arthritis

Arthritis is caused by the accumulation of body deposits in the tissues. Without proper exercise, the removal of these wastes becomes difficult. How do beetroots help here? They contain a high alkaline content which augments termination of the deposits from the body.

Other Minor Benefits

  • Beetroots contain fibers which on entry to the body become rich sources of glucose. They can help combat Diabetes.
  • DNA depends on the presence of foliates to be correctly synthesized. And as earlier mentioned, beets contain folates in significant amounts.
  • Beets boost the production of red blood cells through their iron content.
  • You can strengthen your bones and hair by taking raw or cooked beet leaves. They are rich in Silica. Also, the element enhances the skin tone.

Fantastic Beets Recipes to Try Today

Have you ever wondered what beets taste like? Here is a chance to learn three amazing recipes and quench your curiosity. We guarantee you by the end of this, the Beetroots’ grocery will be your favorite joint. Ready?

Beet-Ginger Juice

Want a zippy morning to kickstart your day? Try this natural energetic combination.

Beet-Ginger Juice


  1. Two carrots chopped into fine pieces
  2. One peeled and quartered organic beet
  3. Half peeled lemon without seeds and skin
  4. A piece of ginger


  1. Warm a glass of water to about 75 degrees.
  2. Put all your ingredients in the warm water and let them rest for about five minutes.
  3. Throw them in your blender and blend them for about 3 minutes.
  4. Take this solution warm.

Beet and Pineapple Juice

Just like beet, pineapple is great at treating inflammation.

Beet and Pineapple Juice


  1. One medium sized organic beet
  2. A glass of fresh pineapple juice
  3. A glass of blended apple

Mix the three together and serve chilled preferably with ice.

Red Green Smoothie

This is one of our favorite smoothies.

Red Green Smoothie


  1. Five freshly chopped carrots
  2. Two romaine lettuce hearts
  3. A medium sized peeled and quartered beet
  4. Three organic celery hearts

Mix all the pieces in the blender and savor the smooth taste.

Grow Your Own Beetroots

Love beets too much? Then try your hand at farming them. The benefit of planting them is you can use their leaves for vegetables and store the mature roots for later use. They are durable and will wither around the same time Irish potatoes do; that is, about four months from harvesting date. But even then, they’ll make a sweet juice when blended alongside fresh carrots or pineapples.

To plant them, sow the seeds about 2 inches deep in the soil in 12-inches apart rows. Water them for five consecutive days since they benefit a lot from cool or wet soil during their germination period. You can use manure or fertilizer to boost their produce, but keep track of the pH level. It should be between 6.2 and 7.

Their maturity period is between 10-12 weeks. Although this largely depends on the climate. In sunny areas, they mature faster but must occasionally be irrigated.

There are different varieties of beets in the world. We, however, won’t go into details about them. They include Chioggia, Albina Verenduna, Subeto, Bull’s Blood Scarletta and Boldor. You can check their images on the internet.

Wrap Up

Now that we’ve enlightened you on the benefits of beets, it’s only fair that we also give a word of caution. Just like all other foods, excessive consumption of beets is also harmful to your organs. For instance, it causes kidney diseases and lowers the level of calcium intake into the blood. It turns your urine to dark red which can also indicate a failing kidney. If you must take it, mixing this with other fruits is a great idea.

Finally, storage of beets affects its taste. We recommend consuming salads, juices or cooked parts on the same day of preparation. If you must store beets, dip the chopped pieces in water and freeze them to about -10 degrees. Nonetheless, this causes loss of most nutrients.

Happy beet meal!​

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