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Best Eczema Care Remedies

Best Eczema Care Remedies


Atopic Dermatitis or Eczema is a common skin ailment that leads to skin inflammation. The onset of severe skin condition is characterized by patches of itchy, dry and red skin on body parts. These itchy skin patches may develop into yellow to light brown crust or pus-filled blisters over the course of time.

Despite affecting a large population all across the world till date, no certain cause of atopic dermatitis has been deduced. The unfortunate part of the picture is there is no definite treatment/cure for the skin ailment. In most of the cases, eczema symptoms can only be controlled to avoid flare-ups. Additionally, an individual needs to follow a rigorous eczema care regime and certain precautionary measures to ensure the condition doesn't reoccur.

Managing Eczema


The key to eczema management lies in keeping the symptoms of the condition under control. An individual needs to be aware of ‘eczema triggers', including dry skin, allergies, stress or sensitivity towards a particular environment or substance, that might aggravate the condition and make it worse.

Many eczema cases can be managed by laying emphasis on self-care methods, nutritional and healthy dietary habits in combination with a prescribed medication or therapy.

A few tips that can help control eczema symptoms:

  •  Proper Skin Care Routine:  This includes proper bathing and moisturization on a daily basis. Make sure to strictly follow the routine to avoid any flare-ups.
  • Manage Stress: Stress is often directly linked with the occurrence of eczema. An individual must ensure to manage stressful conditions and situations well.
  • Avoid Scratching and Rubbing: Don't rub or scratch the itchy skin patch, this would worsen the condition. An individual should restrict themselves from coming in contact with materials or substances that irritates their skin. Choose the fabrics wisely, avoid the ones that might cause irritation to skin.
  • Prescribed Medication: It is important that an individual visits a dermatologist at regular intervals and takes the prescribed medication.

Unique Approach to Eczema Care

For many individuals, conventional medication is not the solution to eczema. In some cases, it becomes depressing for an individual to base their treatment on daily medication, providing no significant results.

Many patients search and scroll through various online publications for a relevant remedy to treat eczema. However, most fail to follow a systematic approach and instead start implementing their remedies that leads to an aggravated condition.

But the question still remains, as to “ What actually works for eczema? ”. In order to find answers to the most common queries related to eczema care, we have put down a unique illustrated presentation to reality. We prepared an infographic that lists the most popular search eczema care remedies vs the beneficial ones but hold no scientific support.

Details behind the Infographic Designing

Our analysis is based on studies published across trusted medical sources including, PubMed,, WebMD, DermatologyTimes, MedlinePlus and many more. After compiling the information, it was reviewed by Ph.D Medical Scholars and research professionals.

The gathered information was then utilized to form an infographic that represents eczema remedies. A total of 35 solutions are represented using different-sized bubbles, based on their popularity of web search. Hence, the larger the bubble, the more popular is the remedy on internet.

Based upon the popularity and strong evidence, the remedies have been classified into 4 categories: Strong, Good, Inconclusive and None.

When a user clicks on the bubble, it popups to provide summarized information related to the remedy. User can click on the 'Check Articles' link below thumbs up or thumbs down icon to fetch a detailed outlook and perspective of the remedy.

Beneficial Eczema Remedies

Coconut Oil/Aloe Vera/ Turmeric

Coconut Oil

Every household commonly makes use of turmeric, aloe vera and coconut oil. These easily available products have proved to be beneficial for dermatitis care.

Coconut oil is considered as a good moisturising agent. Additionally, it has been found to act as an antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial agent. Its formulation of caprylic acid, capric acid, vitamin E, and K, helps prevent itching and inflammation. It acts as a barrier against infection.

Turmeric holds therapeutic properties that make it suitable for preventing infection and inflammation. Its main component 'Curcumin' helps in the inhibition of microbial activities and skin allergies.

Aloe Vera is known for the healing properties that it carries. The product can be utilized as in gel form and juice. Application of the gel on the affected area provide a soothing effect, while intaking the juice builds the immune system stronger.

Fish Oil/Omega 3


Omega 3 fatty acids are considered as the health supplements for body. Omega 3 is found to help increase the moisture levels of fat cells by restoring fat cells and preventing them from getting dehydrated.

Fish oil is a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids. Hence, it holds significance as a good moisturising agent for the skin.​


Vitamins are essential nutrients that are required by the human body for cell growth, healthy, hydrated skin and similar benefits. Vitamin D, E and B12 are found to be beneficial for eczema care.

Vit D works on the immune system and skin. It has been found to lower inflammation, while at the same time enhancing antimicrobial defence system.

Vit B12 is considered as a good agent to prevent inflammation. It reduces the severity of eczema.

Vit E carriers healing properties. It provides a quick healing of the inflamed area. It is even suspected to prevent the development of eczema.

Prebiotics and Probiotics 

A probiotic or prebiotic diet is supposed to be effective in handling eczema in kids. It is expected to reduce the incidence of eczema in infants and also helps to reduce the symptoms of eczema in children.​


Calendula a medicinal herb, is famous amongst the individuals affected with eczema. It is a good healing agent and provides relief to itchy skin. It even prevents skin inflammation.


We are only the aggregators and analytical minds behind the data driven image. The infographic must be taken into consideration to fetch knowledge about popular eczema remedies. We don't promote any individual to blindly follow and include the remedy as a part of their daily eczema-care regime. We highly recommend that a dermatologist should be consulted prior to adoption of any of the provided remedies.

Hi, I'm Nav. For the past few years, I have been an avid learner in the field of eczema and its care. My knowledge in the area developed as a result of my son's eczema condition. Despite being born as a healthy boy, he was affected with the skin condition when he was merely 6months old. I adopted several measures, precautions, allergy free dietary habits and treatment plans to help manage my son's eczema symptoms. My struggle alongside my son, resulted in the development of my blog website Eczema Living. the website provides an insight to my experience and proven solutions for eczema care.


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