15+ Best Facial Brushes and Facial Cleansers - 2017 Expert Reviews & Picks

15+ Best Facial Brushes and Facial Cleansers in 2017 for All Skin Types

The best facial brushes and facial cleansers can help deeply cleanse and exfoliate Skin. We all know about the benefits of exfoliation and there are plenty of cleansers, scrubs and astringents we use in our daily skincare routine. While these have good deep cleaning properties, most of them cannot give your skin the same benefits as a facial brush. Exfoliating your skin regularly improves circulation and removes dead skin cells, giving you radiant, glowing skin.

A facial brush is battery operated and gently cleanses and exfoliates skin through a rotating action. It can take your cleansing regimen to the next level by removing dirt and deep cleaning pores.

The best cleansing brushes are gentle on skin and come with various types of bristles to cleanse deeply and get rid of dirt and makeup. Making a facial brush a regular part of your skincare routine, does not take up extra time and can gradually rid your skin of blackheads, acne and blemishes. It is advisable to replace the brush heads every three months for best results.

Benefits of Using a Facial Brush

A facial brush improves skin tone by removing the outer layer of dead skin and can be used on both the face and neck. It stimulates circulation and over time, your skin will look firmer and clearer. You will also notice a visible reduction in wrinkles and softer, healthier skin. The massaging routine is relaxing and offers a calming end to the day.

Face brushes peel off dead skin cells and work better than anti-aging creams to reveal youthful skin. They are safer than many of these creams which often contain harmful chemicals and synthetic additives. Many of them are also affordable and give you numerous skin benefits in the most natural way possible.

Facial Cleansing Brush Reviews

The Brands mentioned below are the best facial brushes in the market today. They are available at different price points and offer varying benefits. Keep reading for the best facial brush reviews so you can find one that is right for your skin type, needs, and budget.

Best Facial Cleansers of 2017 That Really Work

The best facial cleanser is what you are looking for if you want to sport flawless skin and feel refreshed at the same time. The Best facial washes and Top facial cleansers have revolutionized the beauty world and are a must in everyone’s beauty regimen.

But, finding the best face cleansers can be a bit tricky. If you end up with the wrong one, you might suffer from breakouts or dry skin. So depending on your skin type, you may have to choose the best facial cleanser for dry skin, best drugstore face wash for oily skin or the best cleanser for combination skin.

Out of all the best face washes and good face cleansers out there, here are our best picks.

Best Facial Brushes of 2017 For All Skin Types

  1. Clarisonic Mia 2 Skin Sonic Cleansing System
  2. Pixnor Facial Cleansing Brush & Massager
  3. Olay Pro-X Microdermabrasion Advanced Cleansing System
  4. Ddf Revolve Professional Micro-Polishing System
  5. Shiseido Skincare Cleansing Massage Brush
  6. Proactiv+ Deep Cleansing Brush
  7. Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush
  8. Conair True Glow Sonic Facial Skincare System Brush

Best Facial Cleansers of 2017 That Really Work

  1. The CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleaner
  2. Cetaphil Gentle Skin
  3. Alba Botanica Hawaiian Facial Cleanser
  4. Philosophy Purity Made Simple
  5. Juara Rice Facial Cleanser
  6. Olay Active Botanicals Refreshing Gel Cleanser
  7. Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Daily Gel Wash
  8. Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash
  9. Laura Mercier ‘Flawless Skin’ Oil-Free Foaming One-Step Cleanser
  10. Shiseido PURENESS Deep Cleansing Foam

The 15+ Best Facial Brushes & Facial Cleansers

1. CLARISONIC Mia 2 Skin Sonic Cleansing System


Not only is this product travel-friendly, but it also very practical. It works by offering a patented micro-massage which will work with the elasticity of your skin and remove the impurities in a gentle way. This sonic device will deliver a result that is six times better that what you’d get with your own hands. You will only need a few seconds a day to get an optimal cleansing, and your skin will be soft and smooth for a longer time.

The Clarisonic device will also prepare your skin for better absorption. Since your pores will no longer be clogged with impurities, your face creams will be absorbed much easier into the skin.

You can use either one of the three different speeds, depending on the level of sensitivity of your skin. Out of all skin care devices, this one stood out as the best facial cleansing brush.

2. PIXNOR Facial Cleansing Brush & Massager


This one is the second best facial cleansing brush from our list simply because it’s easy to use and gentle on the face. Ladies can simply drop it in their travel purse and take it out swiftly whenever it’s needed. You might want to be careful, though, because this product is not recommended for shower use.

It’s very gentle, and it can be used every day, without damaging your skin. It’s also very affordable while still offering the same benefits as a more professional product. It can smoothen and brighten the skin, making you appear younger with each exfoliation. It works especially well for people with oily, sensitive skin.

3. OLAY Pro-X Microdermabrasion Advanced Cleansing System


After just a couple of times using the Olay brush, the texture of your skin will visibly improve. By using this one, you can exfoliate your complexion up to seven times better than you could with your hands or a regular facial scrub brush. It’s safe for daily use, and you can control the speed based on how sensitive your skin is.

This facial cleanser will enable a deep moisturizing effect, offering the aspect of a well-hydrated, younger skin. It is safe for shower use, so it is definitely the best facial cleansing brush for the bathroom.

4. DDF Revolve Professional Micro-Polishing System

DDF Revolve Professional

If you are looking to obtain professional results without spending a whole load of money on specialists, then this is definitely the best facial cleansing brush for you.

This product offers dermatologist-grade micro-abrasive effects along with a deep cleansing that will improve the radiance of your skin, making it look (and feel) smooth. By using this on a regular basis, you will notice that even those wrinkles and fine lines will go away. This cleanser is safe for sensitive, acne-prone skin and it will reduce the frequency of breakouts.

5. SHISEIDO Skincare Cleansing Massage Brush


If battery-powered brushes are not your cup of tea, then this product is exactly what you need. The bristles of this brush can be controlled manually, and you do not have to be afraid that too much speed can irritate your sensitive skin.

You create your own brushing pattern, and since the bristles aren’t oscillating or vibrating, you can set your own pace. It is recommended that you use this brush with a foaming cleanser, for maximum effect.

6. PROACTIV+ Deep Cleansing Brush


When it comes to skin care, Proactiv+ always stands out as the best facial cleansing brush for most people.

This proactive brush literally does everything for you: it reaches inside your pores, cleanses them and leaves you feeling like a newborn baby. It is especially useful for people with oily skin since it can wash the impurities without causing any irritation to the skin. You can set it at two different speeds, and it offers a complete 360-degree rotation.

7. CLINIQUE Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush

CLINIQUE Sonic System

Unlike most brushes, this one has a brush head shaped as an oval, with two kinds of bristles which will move up and down. The brush has a particular angle designed to reach and cleanse parts that are hard to get to, and the green part of the brush was made to target your more sensitive T-zone.

It has a waterproof system, and while it does not come with any extra attachments (brushes), it still has the ability to provide deep cleanse with just one brush.

8. CONAIR True Glow Sonic Facial Skincare System Brush


The reason why this one is in the “best facial cleansing brush” category is not just because it’s cheaper than most facial cleansers, but also because its sonic oscillation is not as abrasive as regular rotating brushes. This makes it perfect for people who have sensitive, oily skin and it will help improve the complexion.

You can pick your desired level (low, medium and high), and the automatic timer alert will tell you when it is the time to stop. It’s waterproof, so you can safely use it in the shower.

The best facial cleansing brush can be electric, manual, with one or more head brushes, or with one or more speeds. Still, what’s more important is for it to produce the same result: a deep cleanse.

Best Facial Cleansers of 2017 (Best 10 Picks)

1. The CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleaner


This product is said to be the best facial cleanser for oily skin because it can remove dead cells, excess oil, makeup, and dirt. This way you will be left with clean skin. The non-irritating formula in the product can be of great help in maintaining moisture balance and will not deprive your skin of essential oils as well. The ceramides and the hyaluronic acid in the cleanser will provide you a barrier that will make your skin clean and gentle.

2. Cetaphil Gentle Skin


Dermatologists created Cetaphil as the best cleanser for sensitive skin. It is a non-irritating, non-comedogenic, non-alkaline and scent free cleanser. It helps in retaining the moisture in your skin making it the best cleanser for dry skin as well. The product can effectively eliminate makeup and dirt leaving the protective natural oils. It will not change the PH balance of your skin and is designed to work on all skin types, especially dry, sensitive and gentle skin.

3. Alba Botanica Hawaiian Facial Cleanser

Alba Botanica

This product is free of parabens, petrolatum, artificial colors, Phthalates, Laureth sulfate/ sodium lauryl, etc. and is hypo-allergenic as well.

It is a very refreshing cleanser and contains papaya enzymes and pineapple enzymes which will brighten your complexion and help your skin glow. It is one of the best cleansers for dry skin as well.

4. Philosophy Purity Made Simple

Philosophy Purity

This is the facial cleanser that received best ratings from all over. We all know that makeup can take a heavy toll on our skin. Philosophy Purity Made Simple is guaranteed to remove all the makeup. This cleanser will condition your skin and hydrate it too. Your skin will not only get the needed amount of conditioning, but it is also the best cleanser for dry skin and will not deprive your skin of its essential oils.

The cleanser is effective in cleaning the pores from inside out and can effectively draw out other impurities as well. It also has a fragrance free formula and these features make it the best facial cleanser for dry skin.

The only con is that the results are not universal and will heavily depend on your skin type.

5. Juara Rice Facial Cleanser


Another great cleanser for mature, acne-prone or sensitive skin is Juara rice facial cleanser. It can keep your face hydrated soft and bright. The cleanser also comes with a gentle and subtle scent. The cleanser can also reduce your dependency on face cream and night treatments.

6. Olay Active Botanicals Refreshing Gel Cleanser

Olay Active Botanicals

As the name denotes, this face wash is very refreshing which is what many of us want in a cleanser or face wash. You won't feel greasy or weighed down after using this product. Instead, you feel satisfied. The product is a must have for the price. It will work well on normal skin or oily skin. It smells good as well

7. Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Daily Gel Wash


This is the best face wash in our list. The biggest USP of this face wash is its immediate effectiveness. It will make your skin smoother and clearer and will also help in making all your pimples disappear. It is also effective at treating body acne. The consistency is creamy as well. The treatment of body acne helps this cleanser stand out from others.

8. Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash


This is one of the best cleansers for dry skin as it is very refreshing and oil free. It works well on the majority of skin types except for acne-prone skin. The ingredients range from milk thistle and chamomile to passion flower and rose hip extract. Chamomile is a calming agent as well. It will remove makeup and will exfoliate your skin.

9. Laura Mercier ‘Flawless Skin’ Oil-Free Foaming One-Step Cleanser

Laura Mercier

This is one of the few facial cleansers that you can easily get obsessed with. This product will make you feel fresh for sure. It's the best for removing all types of makeup and will not strip your skin of the essential oils. It will also maintain a healthy pH level. The brand also has an amazing exfoliator which you should try.

10. Shiseido PURENESS Deep Cleansing Foam


This cleanser is ideal for fighting oily skin and will give your skin a gentle and refreshing cleanse. It contains exfoliating granules which will unclog pores and gift you a beautiful glow. It is the best facial wash for people with oily skin or people with skin prone to breakouts. It can also efficiently get rid of environmental contaminants that might cause you acne. These unique features make it one of the best cleansers and it can also be regarded as the best face wash for dry skin.

Final Thoughts

The best way to use a facial brush is by using a mild cleanser and moving it in from the hairline. Focus the brush on problem areas such as the T-zone, and avoid the sensitive eye area. While some facial brushes are gentle enough to use every day, others with a powerful exfoliating action must be used only once or twice a week. If you have acne- prone skin, use the brush in the evening to get rid of the day’s buildup of dirt and oils which can lead to breakouts.

In short, facial cleansers play the most important part in our everyday skin care routine. It is critical that you choose the facial cleanser that will make your face spotless and will not leave your skin feeling like a desert at the same time. So, choose cleansers like the best facial cleanser for dry skin, best cleanser for combination skin or best cleansers for sensitive and acne prone skin specifically, depending on your skin type.

When it comes to facial brushes, there are a variety of options available to accommodate your specific needs and skin type. They are essential to make sure your skin is thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated. Make one a part of your skincare routine to see a significant positive difference in the texture and tone of your skin.

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