The 10 Best Facial Steamer Reviews 2017 (Top Picks)

Facial steamers can be of great help in cleansing and moisturizing your face. Take a look at the Best Facial Steamer Reviews to choose the one that will fit your requirements.The best Facial Steamers can give you the flawlessly radiant skin that you’ve always wanted. Unfortunately, blackheads, enlarged pores, and wrinkles are common skin issues that may be keeping you from this. You may not be blessed with a naturally flawless complexion, but you can greatly improve the tone and texture of your skin through facial steaming.

This is one of the hottest skincare trends which can transform your skin dramatically. Facial steamers are also an affordable way to get a spa-like experience at home. Using a facial steamer regularly will not only make your skin clearer and softer but also fade signs of aging and leave your skin refreshed.

The Best Facial Steamers Comprehensive Ratings and Comparison Chart

So if you are looking for a natural, affordable way to improve your skin, keep reading to discover the best facial steamers available today.

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Top 10 Face Steamers Reviews

A steam facial at home is as effective as and more affordable than a professional steamer at a salon or spa. We tried and tested several at home facial steamer brands to shortlist the best devices for treatments at home. Try one of these high rated face steamers today for an excellent experience.

1. Panasonic EH-SA31VP Nano Facial Steamer

Panasonic EH-SA31VP

The Panasonic EH-SA31VP Nano Steamer for face is an excellent device for home steaming. It is easy to use, compact and produces superior nano-ionic steam. This type of steam is 4,000 times finer than that produced by other face steamers and is able to penetrate into the deeper layers of skin.

This device is easy to set up. It also has 2 different steam therapy options, 3 minutes and 6 minutes. Depending on the amount of time you have, you can set it to your preferred option. This makes it perfect for busy individuals on the go, looking for a quick way to rejuvenate their skin. It is an ideal device if you are looking for a personal face steamer to deep clean skin and keep acne at bay.

2. Conair Facial Sauna System

Conair Facial Sauna System

The Conair Facial Sauna System is an extremely affordable and handy piece of equipment. This face steamer leaves skin clearer and tighter after just one use. This device is also recommended for individuals with Sinus problems as regular use alleviates congestion and sinus pressure as well.

It also comes with a bonus brush for exfoliation, a moisturizing sponge, and an automatic timer. If you are looking for a face steaming device that offers noticeable benefits at a bargain price than opt for the Conair Facial Sauna System

3. Jocasta Professional Salon Spa Facial Steamer with Ozone

Jocasta Professional Salon Spa Facial Steamer with Ozone

The Jocasta Professional Facial Steamer with Ozone is highly recommended by estheticians due to the numerous skincare benefits it offers. This home facial steaming system uses ultraviolet light which benefits the skin by generating ozone.

Many spas and salons use ozone steamers, but these are not commonly found in homes, due to the high cost. However, the Jocasta Professional steamer is affordable and durable. Ozone has been proven to improve skin, brighten it and boost metabolism. It leads to noticeably younger looking skin and diminished signs of aging with regular use.

4. Revlon Facial Sauna

Revlon Facial Sauna

This is a home facial steamer from Revlon that that comes with a different setting for a mini or full facial. It comes with several additional features such as a small cone for targeted nose treatments as well as a large one for the entire face. It helps deep clean skin and gets rid of acne and blemishes. It can also be used to rejuvenate skin and clear blocked sinuses. Regular use of the Revlon face steamer results in a reduction in pore size, acne, and overall balanced, clearer skin.

The device comes with a wall plug and measuring cup for convenience. It is affordably priced making is a great choice for novices as well as experienced users.

5. Secura Nano Ionic Facial Steamer

Secura Nano Ionic Facial Steamer

The Secura Nano Ionic at home facial steamer is a multipurpose product that can be used as a facial steamer as well as an indoor humidifier. It boasts of a technology that gives it the ability to produce hot steam in a just seconds. It can produce thick steam for close to ten minutes. The steam has a slight plastic smell at first, but this dissipates after a few uses. It is extremely effective at cleaning out pores and providing sinus relief. While this personal face steamer is one of the more expensive products on the list, is also more powerful and efficient than other steamers.

6. eMark Beauty 2 in 1 Facial Steamer Ozone Aromatherapy

eMark Beauty 2 in 1 Facial Steamer Ozone Aromatherapy

This is a high-end facial steamer that that is excellent at creating a spa-like feeling at home. It is one of the larger devices on the list with a height up to 4 feet and an 18-inch base with wheels. It has four different electrodes that determine the kind of stimulation the steamer delivers. This face steamer targets a small or large area and can be set to perform various actions. Other advantages of this device is that is can be used with essential oils and comes with a 1-year warranty.

7. Belmint Nano Ionic NanoCare Facial Steamer

Belmint Nano Ionic NanoCare Facial Steamer

The Nano Ionic NanoCare Facial Steamer is a unique device that releases both cool and warm veils of mist. It will give you a complete spa-like experience at home. Regular use of this steamer protects skin from acne, removes traces of metal on your skin and increases collagen production. It produces an initial plastic-y smell, but this dissipates after a few uses. This device can also be used as a humidifier with essential oils and offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

8. Secura Nano Ionic

Secura Nano Ionic

The Secura Nano Ionic face steamer produces a fine mist of steam and is ideal for people with dry skin. The fine steam is more efficient at opening up pores and also provides hydration. This device makes use of nano steaming and is equipped with advanced heating technology. It produces steam for an extended period and is also much faster than traditional steamers which produce steam by boiling water. This technology also ensures that there is no water spillage and the steam produced is at the right temperature. The Secura Nano Iconic steamer is comparable to high-end brands in terms of quality but is more affordably priced. Additionally is it lightweight and easy to travel with.

9. Pure NanoSteamer

Pure NanoSteamer

The Pure NanoSteamer uses a nano-ionic steam system which makes it extremely effective and useful for skin care. It is affordably priced and offers excellent skincare and health benefits. The steam produced by this device contains negatively charged particles, which make it ten times more efficient at penetrating deep into the layers of the skin. This face steamer produces steam continuously for 30 minutes after a single filling, due to the presence of a 200 ml water reservoir.

This is a multipurpose device that can be used to deep clean skin and also as a room humidifier. It comes with extractors that are efficient at getting rid of blackheads and deep cleaning the face.

10. Kealive Facial Steamer

Kealive Facial Steamer

The Kealive Facial Steamer is one of the best Facial steamers available at a reasonable price. This is a device which offers great skincare benefits and has a unique design. It works almost instantly after switching on and can produce hot steam in just 40 seconds. This is another device that uses Nanotechnology to produce steam that penetrates deep into the skin by opening up pores.

This device has a flexible nozzle, which allows you to adjust the flow of steam and target specific areas. It is capable of producing steam for 10 continuous minutes. It also shuts off automatically when the water in the reservoir runs out. This is a durable, high-quality device which comes with a 2-year warranty.


Before you opt for a facial steamer, it is important to know how to make the best use of it. It is not recommended to use a face steamer more than twice a week or for more than 10-15 minutes each time. Also, ensure that the steam is not too hot to avoid scalding. Choose one of the face steamers mentioned above to experience the numerous skincare and health benefits.

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