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The 10 Best Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirrors ( Top Picks )

Alright, so far we’ve been talking about makeup, and that’s it. However, for a perfect face, you would have to have another element. By this, we mean a makeup light mirror. Whether wall mounted or not, these makeup vanity mirrors are the main thing you will need when applying makeup, unless you want to do it blindly and throw in a Hail Mary.

Best Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirrors: Comparison Chart

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Conair Illumina

Conair Illumina Collection Two-Sided Lighted Mirror

Ruimio Lighted

Ruimio Lighted Makeup Mirror

Conair Round

Conair Oval Double Sided Mirror


Jerdon HL65C Lighted Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror


Simplehuman Sensor Mirror


Jerdon Portable LED Lighted Tabletop Makeup Mirror


Sanheshun 7x Magnifying Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror with Light


Brookstone 10x/1x Natural Light Tabletop Mirror


Zadro Round LED-Lighted Wall Mirror

Vanity Girl

Vanity Girl Hollywood Starlet Table Vanity Mirror

The 10 Best Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirrors Review

So, let us help you with the task of selecting a great make up vanity mirror. We have done some research, and came up with these ten items to form our best makeup vanity mirror list.

1. Conair Illumina Collection Two-Sided Lighted Mirror

Conair Illumina

One of the best ways to improve your makeup vanity with a lighted mirror is to go for the Conair Illumina Collection Two-Sided Lighted Mirror. Our first item is also one of the most sophisticated ones on the list and the best lighted makeup mirrors on the list. This Conair mirror is a true marvel of both technology and style, as well as craftsmanship. And as a cherry on top, this incredible mirror is also very affordable, making it an excellent choice.

The trick with this lighted up makeup mirror is that it offers you a very wide area and different angles to see yourself in. It achieves these different angles via the foldable wings, which are also mirrors. The item is pretty compact, thanks to that folding, allowing for easy storage and transport, without worrying that you’ll break the mirror.

But what is even more impressive is the reason we called it a technological marvel. This mirror has adjustable light levels. On the bottom part, there is a dial that allows you to select one of the lighting modes, which are supposed to represent light levels in the morning, noon, afternoon and evening. This alone, combined with the price, makes Conair Illumina Two-Sided Mirror one of the best such products on the market.

2. Ruimio Lighted Makeup Mirror

Ruimio Lighted

For those looking for a magnified light up vanity mirror, one of the best magnified vanity mirrors and one of the best portable vanity mirrors with lights, Ruimio Lighted Mirror is one of the best magnifying vanity mirrors on the market. It is small, robust, compact and, more importantly, sports a 7x magnifying glass that will allow you to see any imperfection on your makeup and promptly correct it.

The reason we like Ruimio is not simply because of the magnification, but because if the suction cup that it has on the base. This will allow you to attach the mirror anywhere. It is also very small making it perfect for travel. Naturally, you have a lighting element in the form of a circle around the glass, allowing you to see even better if you have any crooked lines that need to be corrected.

However, we have to point out one bad thing about the mirror, and that is its incredibly short base. If you plan on putting it on your vanity, you may have to lean in while doing your makeup. Luckily, there is the suction cup that will allow you to mount it in a more favorable position, so, problem solved.

3. Conair Oval Double Sided Mirror

Conair Round

Another Conair product, their Oval Double-sided mirror is right up there in terms of quality and craftsmanship. It is also very affordable, but that doesn’t mean that it will stop working after a day or two. On the contrary, this mirror is one of the sturdiest on the market.

With its sleek bronze finish and elegant, oval shape, this mirror will go nicely with even the classiest of bathrooms and vanities. The prolonged stand upon which the mirror is situated will bring the mirror to an appropriate height level so you don’t have to bend over or anything like that.

But the best feature of the mirror is its two sides. Both lighted, one side is a normal reflective surface, while the other is actually a 7x magnifying surface, allowing you to see more details about the makeup on your face, and help you correct any imperfections.

4. Jerdon HL65C Lighted Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror


Next up, we have the Jerdon HL65C Wall Mounted Mirror. This nifty little mirror has a stall stand that protrudes to the side, and can be attached to any surface. This allows you to bring the mirror right to the appropriate height and allow for more comfort during makeup application.

Not only that, but the mirror aids makeup application process thanks to the 5x magnifying surface. The mirror has a very sturdy swivel mount, so you know it will last you quite some time. The mirror also has a perimeter LED halo that is activated via the rotary switch.

Last but not least, the mirror sports a very elegant chrome finish, and will not stand out even in the most refined of places. The mirror is also anti-fog, so you can count on it even if when you step out of a hot steamy shower.

5. Simplehuman Sensor Mirror


While Conair Illumina certainly is one advanced mirror with its adjustable lights, the Simplehuman Sensor mirror is more than a worthy contender for the title.

One of the most awesome features that this mirror has is the titular sensor. This sensor activates the lights the moment your reflection shows up on the surface, and shuts it down the moment you step down. Not only does this save you the hustle, but is also saves on your electric bill, because, let’s face it, we sometimes simply forget to turn the LED halo off.

Another good thing about this mirror is that it comes it two varieties. One is a simple mirror, with a stand and all, but the other allows you to mount the mirror to the wall, which, as we have explained, offers much more comfort when applying makeup.

6. Jerdon Portable LED Lighted Tabletop Makeup Mirror


If you’re a real perfectionist, and like your makeup to be spot on every time, but you’re also on the move all the time, then you definitely need Jerdon Portable Mirror.

This is one of the best portable tabletop mirrors on the market. It is light and sturdy, sufficiently small to fit into a bag, but very high quality and versatile. The mirror has a nice, clean surface, and very powerful LED lights around the perimeter. On another note, the mirror has an adjustable stand, allowing you to adjust the mirror however you wish.

Another thing we like a lot about this mirror is that is battery operated. This goes well with the whole idea of portability, facilitating this mirror’s utility on the road.

7. Sanheshun 7x Magnifying Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror with Light


If you don’t fancy Jerdon Portable mirror, but something smaller, then you should check out Sanheshun Magnifying Travel Mirror. This thing is very small and compact, buy sturdy and more than well equipped for life on the go.

The mirror allows for greater accuracy while applying makeup thanks to the 7x magnifying surface. Also, at 6 inches in diameter, the mirror is large enough to encompass a great part of your face despite the magnification.

But the best part about this mirror is the LED halo of lights that it has. Being a portable mirror intended for travel, you would expect a decent amount of hours out of the lights. But what Sanheshun offers is simply astounding – the LED lights are rated to a whopping 10.000 hours! Now, you don’t ever have to worry about being left in the dark.

8. Brookstone 10x/1x Natural Light Tabletop Mirror


Good things come in small packages, and that is definitely the case with this Brookstone’s double-sided tabletop mirror. This is one of the best makeup mirrors with lights that money can buy.

The best thing about it is that it has two sides – there is a 1x, normal view side, and the other side offers a staggering 10x magnification, more than any other mirror on the list. This will allow you the greatest level of detail, ensuring that you never botch up a line again.

The mirror also has a very nice 18-inch stall, and the slenderness of the stall allows it to be put in places where you don’t have that much space to work with. Lastly, the mirror has a fine non-fog surface thanks to the low-watt lights on the perimeter of the mirror.

9. Zadro Round LED-Lighted Wall Mirror

Zadro Round LED

The second highest-class led lighted makeup mirror we’ve got on our list is the Zadro Round Wall Mirror. This beautiful makeup mirror with LED lights is very aesthetically pleasing, thanks to its bronze mount and stand design, as well as a 40s style two-part jointed retractable mount that allows for greater movement and more comfort while you put your makeup on.

But Zadro is not only pretty to look at – it has brains too! This mirror has a very bright and intuitive LED light halo and is cordless. This enables Zadro to be very mobile, and allows you to move it around the house and place it wherever you wish. One downside of all of that is that the mirror doesn’t come cheap at all, so if you’re planning on buying it, bring your wallet.

10. Vanity Girl Hollywood Starlet Table Vanity Mirror

Vanity Girl

Our last item is also the most glorious! Remember all those scenes in movies with cabaret girls beautifying themselves in front of those vanity mirrors with lights, the ones with 6 bulbs? Yep, that’s the one.

Vanity Girl lighted vanity makeup mirror is a very high-class, high-quality makeup lights mirror. Has a wide and big surface, and this makeups mirror is lighted by six light bulbs that provide natural lighting and allow for excellent precision. The pale blue finish of the mirror is very smooth and appealing, so aesthetic qualities are guaranteed here. The mirror also comes with a stand, so there is no need to rustle up your man to mount it for you.

The only bad thing is its price. This makeup vanity mirror with lights, with all its qualities, warrants a $$$ price tag, so you have to be a little bit more audacious with this one.


And there you have it, ten lighted vanity mirrors for precise makeup application. The only thing you need to do now is to point your finger and pick the one you like most, adorn your makeup vanities with lighted mirrors, and you’ll have great companions for when help with the beautification of your face is needed.

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