Best Lip Plumpers for Fuller Lips

The 10 Best Lip Plumpers for Fuller Lips

How many of you know that Botox is made from the most powerful toxin in the world? Botulinum is produced by a bacterium and it is lethal for humans – less than one gram can kill if inhaled. That’s why you should think thrice before getting a Botox injection to magnify your lips. Any other type of surgery is not recommended.

Top 10 Lip Plumpers: Comprehensive Ratings Chart

The 10 Best Lip Plumpers You Can Get

Lip plumpers are a much safer, healthier and even more effective alternative to highlight your lips and give them a lustrous gloss. Are you wondering “What is the best lip plumper?” We’ll give you ten, not just one option! So, let’s see the list with the greatest lip plumpers you can get.​

1. Buxom Full-on Lip Polish

Buxom Full-On Lip Polish Lip Plumping Gloss Zoe

This Buxom product can be considered the best lip plumper gloss. It is a successful bestseller among women. The exquisite rosy/ orchid nuance makes your lips more radiant than they’ve ever been.

You might also love the fact that it has not been tested on animals and is made without hazardous parabens. Buxom concomitantly softens and emphasizes the natural beauty of your lips that is one more reason why it is the first plumper in our top of best lip plumper products. You may find the price somewhat high for the quantity, but it’s worth it.

2. Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme

Too Faced Cosmetics Lip Injection Extreme

“Injection” is a total misnomer, since this Too Faced lip plumper is not an actual injection with a needle. It is a collagen booster, which means that the solution in the flask will increase the collagen in your lips and plump them up (which makes it a collagen lip plumper).

In comparison with many other lip plumpers, it is not sticky. Thanks to the avocado and jojoba oil in it, it smells absolutely amazing. On top of all of these, you can wear it over or under your favorite lipstick. This is, probably, the best lip plumper you can get for under 30$.

3. SkinMedica TNS Lip Plump System

SkinMedica TNS Lip Plump System

This top rated lip plumper is comprised of two components: one for plumping the lips and the other one for conditioning them. It gives the lips a beautiful, delicious sheen and grants them that vital moisture that is so important in making them look tender and ripe.

The price may be a throwback, but it is acceptable given that it is one of the best lip plumpers that come with an included renewal system. This latter aspect works on the texture of the lips and repairs them. Those small lines and cracks that make your lips look old and dry are nicely conditioned, so your lips become full and, at the same time, younger.

4. Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Shine Lacquer

This is the best lip plumper that really works – and no, we’re not just saying that. It’s the common opinion of all those who have used it. You will have the feeling that your lips are elegantly swelling as fast as you apply this top lip plumper.

It is packed up with a lot of glycerin – that means that your lips will retain more moisture and automatically look fuller. Superfill and Lipswell are two of the key ingredients in this product: while the former represents tiny little spheres that swell when they absorb moisture (just like sponges do), making your lips look plumper, the second ingredient is an essential oil infusion that smoothes and hydrates the lips. You can choose between any of the seven shades it comes in.

5. DuWop Lip Venom

DuWop Cosmetics Lip Venom Lip Plumping Balm

DuWop Cosmetics has come up with this instant plumper which, we have to say, is one of the most incredible lip plumpers you can get your hands on. It contains ginger and cinnamon, so it smells nothing short of amazing.

It is a 3 in 1 product: it conditions, it plumps and hydrates your lips. Unlike others which add an artificial color, the Venom emphasizes the natural color of the lips and adds a fantastic sparkling finish. This DuWop plumper is also free of petrochemicals, formaldehyde, dyes and sulfates. So despite the fact that it is called “Venom,” it is probably one of the most natural plumpers out there.

6. Dior Addict Lip Maximizer High-Volume Lip Plumper

Dior Addict Lip Maximizer High-Volume Lip Plumper

This is the best lip plumper that offers instant results. It has a gorgeous gloss that magnifies your lips in less than 5 minutes. It can be applied as a topcoat over the lipstick. Your lips are going to look superb thanks to the gloss and the delicate pink nuance, and not only that – they’re going to smell fantastic, since this plumper is scented with a combination of vanilla and mint.

It is no wonder why this Dior miracle is among the best lip plumpers of 2016. It doesn’t give you “duck lips,” but naturally fuller ones.

A downside of Dior’s plumper is that you may experience that tingling sensation in your lips for about half an hour. That can be a problem for some women. Likewise, you can find it a tad overpriced for the quantity that is given to you. It is one of the most popular plumpers, so women buy it regardless of price because it works.

7. MAC Plushglass

MAC Plushglass Lip Gloss Pretty Plush

Few products have the potency of this MAC lip plumper. It adds a luxurious sheen to your lips and leaves an extraordinary glossy finish. It is vanilla-scented and has a high concentration of vitamin E that acts as a shield against environmental factors.

Besides, it also moisturizes the lips, making them look fuller with just one application. In order to plump your lips, you should apply it before the lipstick. It is undoubtedly the best lip plumper that MAC has commercialized. You can buy it in any of the 12 shades, from rosy pink to pearly peach.

8. Grande Lips Hydrating Lip Plumper

Grande Lips Hydrating Lip Plumper

This is, without a doubt, the best lip plumper from Grande Cosmetics. It contains niacin and hyaluronic acid (they act as moisturizing agents), as well as an ingredient called Vollulip. That particular component kicks in the plumping effect in maximum 5 minutes, and it endures for hours.

It is also vanilla-scented, so your lips won’t just look better, but also smell amazing. The Grande Lips Hydrating comes in a stunning array of 13 finish colors. When you apply it, you will feel a strange tingling sensation on your lips – don’t worry, it means that the plumper is working its magic. However, one disadvantage of this product is the packaging. The tube dispenses the liquid with difficulty.

9. Physicians Formula Needle-Free Lip Plumping Cocktail Shade Extension

Physicians Formula Needle-Free Lip Plumping Cocktail Shade Extension

This is, probably, the best drugstore lip plumper. Its name is quite confusing, but it’s actually a surreal serum: it makes the lips look fuller and younger, because it has the ability to repair those fine lines.

It is the best lip plumper for all types of skin; it is hypoallergenic (it does not cause any allergy whatsoever), it soothes and hydrates the lips and doesn’t provoke any irritation.

Do we need to say more to prove this is indeed the best product you can purchase at any drugstore? It takes only 1 minute for it to take effect! It is made with an active tripeptide blend and small spheres of dehydrated hyaluronic acid, with both ingredients making the lips moist, shiny and properly hydrated. The dehydrated hyaluronic acid boosts the production of collagen in the lips, making them look fuller for a longer period.

10. Murad Rapid Collagen Infusion for Lips

Murad Rapid Collagen Infusion for Lips

This is not your common lip plumper. The Collagen Infusion from Murad is a powerful rejuvenating agent that redefines those small lines on your lips, leaving them flawless. Most lip plumpers will just fill your lips.

It is sufficient to look at the Murad lip plumper before and after photos to see the miracles that this serum can work on your lips. The collagen that it contains gives the appearance of fuller lips. It is not a permanent lip plumper – there are no permanent ones, but the hyaluronic acid in this Murad serum encourages the production of collagen, so your lips will look more beautiful, even after a few hours.

All these plumpers are the proof that you do not need harmful surgery to make your lips look fuller. First of all, surgical interventions are extremely expensive; second of all, they can be very dangerous (especially when Botox is involved) and ultimately, they can have potential side-effects in the long run (your lips would get drier and overall uglier as the years pass).

These affordable cosmetics are the best alternative for emphasizing the natural beauty of your lips by increasing the production of collagen in them. They are not permanent, that is true, but they are nonetheless a godsend gift for women who are displeased with the volume of their lips and wish to magnify them in a matter of minutes with no side-effects whatsoever. So, take into consideration all these options and choose the best lip plumper for you.

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