The best makeup chair reviews to ensure you the perfect makeup

The 10 Best Makeup Chairs to Take into Consideration

Every makeup artist should have at least one makeup chair that can be adjusted in order to prevent back problems. We'll tell you all there is to know about makeup chairs and of course, we’ll show you the best ten products in this category.

A makeup chair is essential for professionals who have a studio, or work on a set. A perfect makeup requires talent, an expert touch but also the proper tools that will help you get the job done without having to deal with back problems due to constantly working in a hunched position.

Regardless of the business you are in, professional equipment will cost you money. When you've just gotten started, the chances are that your budget can't sustain big purchases. Rest assured that you can still find a decent makeup chair, as long as you know what to look for when searching a professional makeup chair.

Best Makeup Chairs: Comprehensive Ratings Chart

Buying Tips for Makeup Chairs​

There are a few things to consider when you're on the hunt for a makeup chair. Take a look at these features and see what would suit you or your studio best.


Like it or not, we can't always have what we want, but we can have what we need. Cliché as it is, money does make the difference. Instead of buying a cheap chair that might break quickly and prove to be a poor investment, choose to spend a little bit more money for a quality product. You can look for makeup chairs for sale online or in specialty stores. Also, it's best to know your budget before falling for a product that you can't afford.


There are two things to consider here: the material of the chair itself, and the one of the seat. The first can be steel, aluminum, plastic or wood, but keep in mind that if you're looking for a lightweight makeup chair, aluminum is the ideal choice.The seat can be a sort of leatherette or canvas, but is has to be resistant and comfortable.


What matters here is your height and your client's height. The chances to enjoy a good makeup session while standing on your toes are quite minimal. A makeup chair that is easy to maneuver will give you the possibility to adapt to your client's height, whether they’re tall or short.


Unfortunately, almost all professional chairs are black. A white makeup chair is rare, but it is incredibly beautiful and will make your studio look clean and neat.


This is an important feature if you have to move around. A portable makeup chair should be lightweight and easy to pack in a bag. It doesn't matter if you do makeup for weddings or different events, being able to fold the chair and take it with you is an absolute must.


The design can involve a headrest, an adjustable footrest, a number of storage bags on the side and so on. The shape can also slightly change, especially if it's a studio makeup chair. This type tends to come with a more stylish look but also with a higher price.


In order to be a practical chair, it doesn't have to be manufactured by a well-known brand, but do remember that a professional brand will come at a bigger price.

Still, quality products will also be extremely lightweight due to the used materials. They will also be more comfortable. Look for a pro makeup chair on sale if you want to have a brand piece of equipment.

Top 10 Makeup Chairs Reviewed

1. Best Choice Products Professional Makeup Artist Directors Chair

Best Choice Products Professional Chair

With a hardwood frame and two storage side bags, Best Choice Products designed a practical, foldable and portable makeup chair that will ease your work.

  • It can be assembled in only a few minutes
  • It was made with three coats of lacquer for a higher durability
  • The resistant framework will support a lot of weight
  • It offers multiple bags for makeup accessories
  • It's easy to transport and carry

2. TUSCANY Pro Makeup Chair

TUSCANY Pro Makeup Chair

This one of a kind product comes with multiple features that will make it your favorite makeup chair. It offers a ten-year warranty, and it has a sturdy framework, so we know it's a quality piece of equipment.

  • It has a leg stabilizer, so your clients won't lose their balance when you apply the makeup
  • It's foldable so that you can easily carry it where you need it
  • It has an innovative design that will make your work easier
  • It is black for a classical look
  • It offers padded armrests for extra comfort

3. Oasis PRO Studio Professional Makeup & Hair Chair

Oasis PRO Studio Professional Makeup & Hair Chair

Oasis comes with a well-equipped chair that also has a lamp and can be used for both makeup and hair styling. With side trays and a detachable brush holder, this just might be the best makeup chair out there.

  • It is reinforced with aluminum tubing for resistance
  • It’s suitable to use for both a studio and portable enough to be carried around
  • The polyester fabric is washable
  • It has a light stand for when you're struggling with poor lighting
  • It only takes minutes to set it up

4. World Outdoor Products Professional Make Up PRO Tall Folding Directors Chair

World Outdoor Products Professional Chair

This highly comfortable makeup chair is easy to fold and doesn't take too much space. It is equipped with two folding trays and a large bag, so it provides a lot of space for your products.

  • It has a good seat height of 31 inches
  • It is designed with a non-tipping stabilizer
  • It offers a footrest
  • It comes with a comfortable shoulder carry strap
  • The two trays can also be used for a hair dryer, a brush holder or for a curling iron

5. Go2buy Waterproof Folding Makeup Artist Director Chair

Go2buy Waterproof Folding Chair

Go2buy produces resistant makeup chairs built with a maple wood frame. They are also waterproof. The covers can be removed and cleaned and all components are highly durable.

  • You'll install it in no time
  • It is designed to be comfortable and practical
  • The black finish also offers rust resistance and strength
  • It weighs only 17LB
  • The detachable bags are placed on each side and are made from Oxford fabric

6. Designer MCO3 Makeup Chair

Designer MCO3 Makeup Chair

This is a simple but sturdy makeup chair that can be easily folded. The solid frame construction and the polyester seat and back support make it a reliable product.

  • It includes a wooden footrest for support
  • It's a lightweight chair that can be taken everywhere
  • It folds in a couple of seconds and doesn't take too much space
  • The polyester material increases its comfort
  • It has a classic, simple, yet professional design

7. Makeup Creations Stainless Steel Luxury Lightweight Directors Chair

Makeup Creations Stainless Steel

With a slick and innovative design, Makeup Creations presents a high-quality chair. Although it’s portable, it will bring the ultimate level of comfort to your clientele.

  • This is a luxury makeup chair, created with style in mind
  • The ergonomic design will make an impression and boost the comfort
  • With an adjustable height, you can rely on it to allow you perfect mobility
  • The material is leatherette and can sustain up to 250lbs

8. Comfortel Makeup Chair III White

Comfortel Makeup Chair

The perfect blend between style and practicality can be found in this high-end makeup chair destined for professionals. Everything, from the design to the leather and the hydraulic lift, makes it a wonderful choice.

  • Its angle can be adjusted to increase practicality
  • The 360° rotation makes it a great addition to any studio
  • It’s built with a thick layer of foam, so your clients will fell pampered
  • It will make your studio look more elegant

9. Cantoni S104+HR Make Up Chair with removable headrest

Cantoni S104+HR Make Up Chair

A simple design can be enough if you're looking for a reliable chair. The headrest of this one makes for an excellent addition that will boost the comfort of your clientele.

  • It has a resistant wood structure for extra stability
  • The headrest will ensure a better makeup application
  • It can be folded and moved wherever you want
  • The seat is padded for comfort, and the footrest adds to this comfort

10. Comfortel Makeup Chair II – Aluminum

Comfortel Makeup Chair

Portable makeup chairs are always a plus, especially when you have to change sceneries. This product also comes at the perfect height, so you won't have to bend. It also has a comfortable backrest.

  • It's a professional makeup equipment
  • It has a nice vintage design
  • It has a lightweight aluminum frame, so you won't hurt your back when you carry it
  • ​It can be folded in seconds for storage

Final Thoughts

Take a closer look at the makeup chairs above and see which one you believe will suit your needs best. Choose the one that is easy to carry and enables you to fold it and take it with you where your business takes you to.

A sturdy makeup chair should be able to support enough weight, but should also be comfortable, so that your clients can have an enjoyable experience.

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