Best Non Comedogenic Sunscreen For Face - 2017 Expert Reviews & Picks

Best Non Comedogenic Sunscreen For Face

The best non comedogenic sunscreen can give you the much-needed protection from the harmful rays of the sun. Ensure that you choose the same for complete protection.The most reviewed essence of non-comedogenic products is the easy absorption that suits all skin types. If you are looking for the best non-comedogenic sunscreens, it makes a whole lot of sense to read through this page.

Many sunscreens have harmful ingredients that will aggravate your skin plight. Going for non-comedogenic sunscreen for face or skin will help you avoid products laden with oxybenzone. Take note of this if you have sensitive skin.

Best Noncomedogenic Sunscreens Comprehensive Ratings Chart


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2nd Choice

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Top 4 Non Comedogenic Sunscreen Products

Neutrogena Clear Face
Banana Boat Sport
Rejuvelle Sunscreen
EltaMD UV Clear SPF

Product Name

Neutrogena Clear Face Sunblock

Banana Boat Sport Performance

Rejuvelle Sunscreen

EltaMD UV Clear SPF 46



Banana Boat



Active Ingredients

1. Avobenzone 2.7%

2. Homosalate 4%

3. Octisalate 4.5%

4. Octocrylene 6%

5. Oxybenzone 4.5%

1. Avobenzone 1%

2. Homosalate 10%

3. Octisalate 5%

4. Octocrylene 0.8%

5. Oxybenzone 4%

1. 9% Micronized Zinc Oxide

2. Certified Organic Aloe Vera

3. Vitamin C, D & E

4. Alpha Lipic Acid

5. Hyaluronic Acid

1. Zinc Oxide 9.0%

2. Octinoxate 7.5%

3. Purified Water


5. Niacinamide







3 Fluid Ounce

1 Fluid Ounce

4 Fluid Ounce

1.7 Fluid Ounce

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Best Non comedogenic Sunscreen Products

The best non-comedogenic face products are as follows:

1. Neutrogena Clear Face Sunblock Lotion


Products like the Neutrogena non comedogenic sunscreen are well-reviewed. Always be sure that you go for non-comedogenic face sunscreen products when you are out shopping.


  • This product will even out your skin tone
  • Enhances your skin collagen levels
  • Optimize elastin production to counter premature aging.
  • Has a superior shield against damaging UV rays
  • Blocks UV rays from permeating your skin
  • Stops VA rays from getting past the surface of your skin
  • Prevents skin cancer

How to use:

  • Follow the label
  • Apply generously

2. Banana Boat Sport Performance Sunscreen Lotion For Acne

Banana Boat Sport

The Banana Boat sunscreen comes in a pack that has three products to help you guarantee skin protection. It is reputed to be suitable for oily skin types so that you do not have to worry about its contents. This product is rated among the best non-comedogenic sunscreen for face recommendations.


  • Suitable for those involved in sporting activities
  • Sweating intensely does not affect the efficacy of the sunscreen
  • Portable and easy to go with
  • Oil free non-comedogenic sunscreen
  • Acne –prone skin is not degraded by it


  • Comes in small packages and can easy run out
  • The SPF rating is 30 and this might not suit everyone
  • Methylisothiazolinone presence makes it unsuitable for those with allergies for this component

How to use:

  • Apply it up to 20 minutes before stepping out

3. Rejuvelle Sunscreen

Rejuvelle Sunscreen

If you have sensitive skin type you will find the Rejuvelle Sunscreen to be a helpful product. While it shields you from the damaging effects of UV rays, it is also soothing for acne-prone skin types.

If you love the 3-in 1 effect, you will prefer this sunscreen as it also acts as a moisturizer apart from dampening acne and blocking sunray effects. The product has a recommendation for all skin types but was formulated for the acne-prone and sensitive skin types.


  • Made up of natural components
  • Moisturizes excellently
  • Comes with SPF coverage
  • It is non-greasy
  • Repairs the skin as it is laden with antioxidants
  • Can be used as a foundation


  • High SPF rating
  • Octyl methoxycinnamate presence makes it unsuitable if you are allergic to this compound

How to use:

  • Suitable to wear under makeup
  • You can apply it when under the sun or before stepping out

4. EltaMD UV Clear SPF 46

EltaMD SkinCare

The EltaMD was designed for anyone who suffers acne effects. It is also a worthy sunscreen that shields your skin from UV rays and offers revitalization to your skin cells.

This product is fitting for all types of skin and easily absorbed.


  • Made especially for acne –prone skin
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Suitable to be worn under makeup
  • Provides cell rejuvenation to your skin
  • Acne damages will be offset by using this product
  • Skin smoothness and clean pores will result


  • High price tag
  • Better suited for use with other products
  • Not sufficient to cleanse acne but should be used with acne solutions

How to use:

  • Apply up to 20 minutes before stepping out
  • The bottle should be shaken before applying

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