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Best Patanjali Beauty Cream Review ( Top Picks )

If you are looking for the best Patanjali beauty cream review, this is it! You will find here how Patanjali beauty cream is what you need for beautiful skin.

Beauty creams play a substantial role in our daily skincare and beauty routine. We use them not just to moisturize our skin, but also to nourish and repair our complexion; the desired result being a flawless, radiant, blemish free face.

Patanjali products for skin have taken the tried and tested techniques of the ancient school of Ayurveda to develop their compositions. They have a huge consumer base all around the world because of their herbal, chemical free components that are naturally benefitting to our skin and hair. The market is awash with an impressive array of Patanjali products for skin, like the Patanjali Saundarya cream, Patanjali Aloe Vera moisturizing cream, Patanjali Tejus beauty cream and the basic Patanjali beauty cream.

In this article we’ll be telling you about our experience with Patanjali beauty cream, a cream that claims to restore skin’s fairness by smoothing out wrinkles, and tackling acne and blemishes.

This Patanjali fairness cream has been developed with herbs like Kutaj, Sandalwood, Manjistha, Daru Haldi, Aloe vera, Tulsi, Wheat seed, and Anantmool among other natural ingredients. Indeed, it is an impressive list, but does this Patanjali face cream really live up to its claims of blemish-free, radiant skin? Let’s find out in our Patanjali beauty cream review.

Packaging and Price

Patanjali beauty cream comes in a white 50 grams tube that has a screw-on cap. It's not a big tube, so it can easily be carried in a handbag or toilet kit while traveling. The 50 grams pack costs INR 70, which makes this Patanjali fairness cream very pocket-friendly. It’s easily available at all Patanjali retail outlets as well as online shopping sites.

Patanjali beauty cream

Color, Feel and Texture

The fairness cream has a light beige color and a thick consistency. Though the cream is smooth in texture, its rather thick density makes it sticky and difficult to spread. It has a mild, herbal odor that is quite unlike what we’re accustomed to with facial products. The good part is that the smell doesn’t linger after application.

Our Take on Patanjali Beauty Cream’s Performance

When we used the cream, we found that it's smooth but thicker than most Aloe Vera based creams. Its density makes it rather heavy on the skin, it doesn’t spread easily, and its oiliness might make you sweat. It doesn’t absorb quickly to vanish from the skin’s top layer. It may not suit oily skin at all, in fact.

On the brighter side, it endows the skin with the goodness of natural herbs. It provides loads of nourishment and hydration, restores the skin’s lost moisture and brings out its natural radiance. The herb Manjistha present in the cream’s formula is known to lighten blemishes and dark spots, increasing all over fairness. Using Patanjali beauty cream overnight will certainly keep your face well-moisturized. If used regularly, it will be effective in clearing acne scars and pimples.

Assets of Patanjali Beauty Cream

  • It’s a pure, natural product
  • It will nourish the skin
  • It has fantastic herbs like Manjistha and Sandalwood
  • Very good pricing
  • Provides great hydration
  • Makes skin smooth and soft
  • Regular use will reduce blemishes and bring fairness

Drawbacks of Patanjali Beauty Cream

  • Does not get absorbed quickly
  • Has too thick a consistency
  • Does not spread easily
  • Not suitable for oily skin
  • Cannot be used for all occasions because of its heaviness


In comparison to other Patanjali products for fairness like the Patanjali Swarna Kanti cream:

  • The Patanjali beauty cream may bring a glow and radiance if used regularly. Unfortunately, it does not spread as easily or feel as lightweight as the Patanjali Swarna Kanti cream.
  • Unlike the other Patanjali products for fairness, its oiliness makes it unusable for all occasions.
  • On the better note, Patanjali beauty cream is way more cost-effective than the Patanjali Saundarya cream which costs a harrowing $$!

Finally, we’ll say that though the cream feels heavy on the skin, Patanjali beauty cream benefits are many. The herbs Manjistha, Haldi and Chandan that are present in the cream’s formula are known to lighten skin tone and make this Patanjali face cream effective for dark spots and blemishes. It hydrates very well and gives an enhanced skin tone and radiance. It may even be effective in improving fairness by tackling pigmentation or dark patches. Its prolonged use will free you of visible signs of skin aging like wrinkles, discoloration, and dark spots. The rich, natural herbs in this cream will nourish skin cells and strengthen skin elasticity. All in all, it’s definitely worth a buy.

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