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Best Patanjali Body Lotion Review ( Top Picks )

For healthy skin you need to read the Best Patanjali body lotion review. Suitable for all skin types, Patanjali body lotion works great!

It’s no surprise that more and more people are turning to Patanjali products for resolving their skin and hair issues. Really, who would not like lovely, organic infusions to seep into their skins and take care of their moisturizing needs? Patanjali is leading the pack for natural, herbal products. The brand follows the school of Ayurveda for developing its goods and flaunts of an extensive line of skin and hair care products, all with hundred percent herbal ingredients.

One Patanjali product that moisturizes dry, itchy skin incredibly well is the Patanjali Tejus Body Lotion. Come dry, cold weather and the shelves of skin-care sections in stores start brimming with body lotions and creams of many mind-boggling makes and compositions. All of them are trimmed with seductive claims that tempt you with promises of great skin, glowing complexion, rich radiance- the works!

We find ourselves struggling to decide, choose and understand what brand and which chemical-base would suit our unique skin requirements, and how effective these products would really be?

When changing weather takes a toll on your skin’s natural moisture content, you can opt for Patanjali body lotion for winters, or for any season during which you need to deeply moisturize your entire body and regain its original suppleness and glow. It is a purely herbal lotion with a non-chemical composition that will suit all types of skin. We’ve covered all your queries and more in this Patanjali body lotion review. Read on:

Patanjali Tejus Body Lotion


Patanjali Tejus body lotion comes in a slim, white bottle with an easy-to-use, flip-open cap to dispel the lotion. A bottle of lotion contains 100 ml quantity and has a shelf-life of 2 years. The bottle is not too big, which makes it quite handy to take along and use while you're traveling.

Patanjali body lotion price and availability

Like all our ‘made in India’ Patanjali products, most of the decent super-marts and general stores retail this body lotion. You can also purchase it online easily. 100 ml bottle of this lotion costs a trifle $, which makes the Patanjali body lotion price as attractive as the quality of the chemical-free moisturizer in it.

Color, Texture and Feel

Patanjali’s body lotion comes in a pleasant light peach color. It’s pretty lightweight, despite having a thicker consistency than many other body moisturizers. It has great body coverage, and its thickness does not interfere with its absorbability. The lotion seeps into the skin very effortlessly and leaves none of that sticky, greasy feeling. The skin is instantly hydrated and soft. You can safely use Patanjali body lotion for winters.

Its natural ingredients like aloe vera, turmeric, apricot and saffron fight pimples, blemishes and discoloration, while proteins and vitamin E from ingredients like sandalwood and wheat germ oil penetrate deep into the skin cells to give 24-hour nourishment. They restore the skin’s moisture balance, making Patanjali body lotion a long lasting moisturizer- exactly what your dry, flaky skin craves for.

How to use Patanjali body lotion?

Simply take a little a squirt of the lotion in your palms and massage it all over your body, preferably right after your bath, because then your skin is pliable and at its most receptive. This gentle lotion works its magic even on very sensitive skin, without causing any irritation or redness. It’s healthy, chemical-free formula nourishes skin from the inside.

The only downside we see of this Patanjali product is that, like many other skin and hair products by Patanjali, the lotion has a strange smell, mostly because of its herbal composition. The smell does not linger, though, so if you don’t have very sensitive olfactory nerves, and don’t mind just a few minutes of a weird odor, you’ve found yourself the perfect moisturizer.

Patanjali Tejus Body Lotion

To sum up, the points that shout out for Patanjali Tejus body lotion are

  • The pricing- it is just $ for 100 ml
  • The quantity is great for its price
  • One application is sufficient hydration for the entire day
  • Great coverage
  • Completely herbal product with absolutely no side-effects
  • Suits all skin type
  • Very hydrating for dry skin conditions
  • Non-greasy formula
  • Effective moisturizer for all-over body application

All in all, this lotion is quite an ideal product for fighting the winter dry spell and loss of skin's water content because of environmental causes. Now that you have the ‘know how’, including how to use this body lotion, we hope you will be inspired by our Patanjali body lotion review, and try out this outstanding, long-lasting and totally affordable product.

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