Reviews of 10 Best Shampoos for colored hair

Reviews Of 10 Best Shampoos For Colored Hair – Which To Buy?

Many people, especially women, spend a lot of money every year to keep their hair looking beautiful, glossy and strong. Many color their hair either to go with the newest trends or to look different or simply because they want to. To maintain beautiful, strong colored hair, the hair is shampooed, treated, oiled and set every once in a while.

There are many different kinds of color shampoos, color conditioning shampoos and color treatments in the market. But to maintain the beautiful hair color, one has to be very careful on what color shampoo, color conditioning shampoo and color treatment to use. They have to be products that can maintain the color and keep the shine leaving the hair strong and healthy.

This brings about the need to select the best shampoo for colored hair from the wide market range, a shampoo that will not only protect the colored hair but that is also safe for the user.

Many people prefer to use sulfate free shampoos. Many shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments contain Sulfate. Sulfates are synesthetic ingredients that contain sulphur. Sulphur is a very effective cleaning agent and lathers up fast. Some people believe that the more foam a shampoo has, the more effective it is.

While this may be true, it does not mean all the shampoos are healthy to use. Many sulphate products are extremely dangerous to the immune system and especially to processed hair and artificial hair colors. They weaken the hair’s essential oil follicles leaving the hair looking thin and unhealthy and completely damages the scalp - especially dry scalps.

Some people, especially children, have skins that are very sensitive to sulfate.

Sulfate is also very dangerous for those people who frequently wash their hair. The more sulfate introduced to the skin, the higher the health risks.

Most of the common ingredients in shampoos can cause cancer, neurological problems, skin irritation, asthma and other health issues. Most of the ingredients that make up shampoos, conditioners and treatments are:


  • Surfactants (sulphate)
  • Fragrance
  • Stabilizers
  • Thickeners
  • Nourishing products
  • Color

Instead of sulfate, shampoos that are high in protein and other natural ingredients are the best to use as they not only add nutrients to the hair but leave it much stronger, healthier, easier to maintain, tangle free, shiny, thicker and with more volume. Sulfate free shampoos, conditioners, and treatments help strengthen the scalp, leaving it itch-free, keeps away dandruff and are generally no danger to other body organs. Almost all sulfate free shampoos are color safe.

So which are the best color shampoos, best color conditioning shampoos and best color treatments in the market today?

Comprehensive Chart: The Best Shampoos to Use in 2017

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Modere hair shampoo

GLOSS Moderne High-Gloss Shampoo

Pura D’or

Pura D’or, Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo

NaturOil Shampoo

NaturOil Shampoo

Pantene Expert Age

Pantene Expert Age Defy Shampoo


Tresemme Color Revitalise Shampoo

Argan Oil Shampoo

Argan Oil Shampoo

L’oreal Hair Expertise

L’oreal Hair Expertise SuperStrong Shampoo

OGX Coconut

OGX Coconut Milk Shampoo

Amika Color

Amika Color pHerfection Shampoo

Keratin Complex

Keratin Complex Color Care Shampoo

Best Color Shampoos, Color Conditioning Shampoo, And Color Treatments Shampoos

Below is a list of 10 of some of the best shampoos to use for 2017.

1. GLOSS Moderne High-Gloss Shampoo

Modere hair Shampoo

Modere has a very rich formula cleanser that is not only safe for colored hair, but for every kind of hair. This shampoo for colored hair is very gentle and can be used by both children and adults. It is one of the best shampoo for color treated hair 2016.

Modere contains safe tested natural and non-toxic ingredients that do not damage or remove the coloring from the hair. This sulfate free shampoo contains extracts from rosemary, watercress, nettle and sage.

It has been in the market for well over 25 years. Modere is a color safe shampoo that does not interfere with the color of the hair, whether artificial or otherwise. It leaves the hair feeling very soft and natural. It has excellent detangling effects and makes the hair very easy to manage. This color treated shampoo has rich botanical ingredients that leave the hair smelling great and looking fabulous.

2. Pura D’or, Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo

Pura D’or

This sulfate free shampoo is rich in vitamins and antioxidants that help reduce hair loss and contribute to maintaining the color of the hair making it the best sulfate free shampoo for colored hair. It helps in reducing hair loss and its rich agents promote healthier clean hair. It is a very nourishing shampoo.

It is made up of natural preservatives that also help in hair repair. Some colors are known to make the hair thin and very weak. Colors also lead to hair breakage and massive hair loss.

Pura is also a great dandruff shampoo as it helps keep the scalp moisture thus preventing any dandruff formation. It is also very safe for daily use and revitalizes hair follicles for better and fast growth. It adds body to the hair, thickens the hair and increases the hair volume. Its rich ingredients leave the hair with a shiny good looking sheen.

3. NaturOil Shampoo

NaturOil Shampoo

This dandruff shampoo has a natural formulation of nut extracts and pure soap. It is safe for both the hair and the environment. It has a very powerful, yet very gentle action on the hair.

It reduces color fading, and it is safe for color treated hair. It helps remove chemical buildup from styling products. It is a great dandruff shampoo as it has ingredients that help remove chemical buildup from styling products that cause dandruff and leaves the hair with a rich texture, shine, and great volume.

It has very rich foam that leaves no soapy or waxy residue after rinsing and accentuates the color of the hair. The best thing about this shampoo is that it acts as both a conditioner for color treated hair and treatment which helps in saving money from the extra expenditure. However, to condition or treat after using this sulfate free and dandruff shampoo would entirely depend on the user.

4. Pantene Expert Age Defy Shampoo

Pantene Expert

This best shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair was named as the best shampoo for colored hair 2014 and best color shampoo in 2016 beauty awards. It has three natural ingredients that leave hair soft and manageable and does not damage the hair color.

It is specially designed for processed hair and leaves the hair thicker, fuller and looking young. Pantene Hair Shampoo is best used alongside its other sulfate free products. These are Age Defy conditioner and Age Defy treatment. They are both sulfate free and they add smoothness and manageability when used alongside the shampoo.

All these shampoos for color treated hair products are safe to use daily and safe for both children and adults.

5. Tresemme Color Revitalise Shampoo


This sulfate free deep cleansing shampoo is made with advanced color lock technology, with color protection and is specifically for color treated hair. It has rich ingredients that don’t tamper with the hair color and can maintain the hair color even well after 40 washes. In this Tresemme range, there is also a sulfate free color safe conditioner, Tresemme Color Revitalise Conditioner. Tresemme is one of the best shampoos in the market for protecting colored hair

6. Argan Oil Shampoo


This sulfate free shampoo is made with all natural ingredients of pure Moroccan Argan oil, Jojoba oil, Avocado oil, Almond oil, Peach Oil, Camellia seed oil and Botanical Keratin. It works well for all hair types and is especially safe for colored hair. It has a very rich foam and leaves hair thick, well nourished, shiny and smelling great. Argan oil shampoo is safe to use for men women and children.

7. L’oreal Hair Expertise SuperStrong Shampoo

L’oreal Hair Expertise

This best color safe shampoo from the L’oreal line of products is sulfate free and is color safe. It is especially good for brittle, fragile and dry hair. It contains rosemary and juniper oils, and it smells great. It foams well and leaves one feeling very luxurious and refreshed after use. It is safe to use for men, women, and children.

8. OGX Coconut Milk Shampoo

OGX Coconut Milk

Like its name, this shampoo contains coconut milk and ultra whipped egg white proteins. It is a sulfate free, color safe shampoo that leaves hair healthier, thicker, shinier and very smooth. It’s very rich in proteins, which help in repairing and strengthening the hair. This best color protecting shampoo also smells great and is safe to use for both children and adults.

9. Amika Color pHerfection Shampoo

Amika Color

This is a sulfate free shampoo that contains omega 7 acid, vitamin c, and obliphica oil. These ingredients help in protecting the hair color. They also extend the life of the color treatment, enhance the color and help improve the hair health. It has an awesome wild cherry scent and is safe for men, women, and children.

10. Keratin Complex Color Care Shampoo

Keratin Complex

This color conditioning shampoo contains keratin which is highly favored for its amazing abilities to heal damaged hair. Keratin Complex Color Care, repairs thinning hair and eliminates frizz. It smells great and safe to use by men, women, and children.

So if you want to keep your dyed or colored hair looking good, dandruff free, feeling naturally moisturized, feeling less brittle, free from breakage and feeling healthier and stronger, go for good color shampoos, color conditioning shampoos, and color treatments. Some thorough research and patient shopping will get you the ideal product.

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