Easy Methods of Eyebrow Shaping

Stop Plucking! 6 Easy Methods of Eyebrow Shaping

How many of you went through that awkward phase of plucking your eyebrows to within an inch of their life, and then drawing them back on (badly!) with a pencil? We’ve all done it; it’s like some sort of beauty rite of passage, but luckily evolving beauty trends mean we’re starting to become more comfortable with our natural bushy brows. And not only are we getting comfortable with them, but lately, they are getting more and more popular. Bushy and thick eyebrows are back! There’s still a few, however, who are finding it hard to put down the tweezers.

Ditch the Tweezers

Believe it or not, you don’t need to pluck your eyebrows to get a good shape of them. In fact, plucking can cause skin irritation, ingrown hairs (ouch!), and even inflammation of the follicles. And let’s not forget that if you happen to get a little tweezer happy and over pluck, you could change the shape of your brows forever! Keep in mind that with constant plucking you could damage your hair follicles and they are the engine of the hair growth. Here are 5 quick and easy ways to tame and shape bushy brows without resorting to tweezers:

1. Brow Gel

Forget everything you think you know about your eyebrows and take a good long look in the mirror. Are your brows really that bad? Remember, Cara Delevingne makes a living from those bushy brows! If your brows only need a little bit of taming, you may not need much more than a bit of clear eyebrow gel (or tinted if your brows could do with a bit of filling). It’s best to work the wand vertically at the inner end to give a feathered effect, and then horizontally across the brow, working in the direction your hairs grow in. Once you’ve finished with the main part of the brow, use the wand to ‘clean up’ any straggly hairs.

2. Power Brow

Power Brow

Even if a deep, dark ‘power brow’ isn’t necessarily your go-to look, it’s worth giving yourself a well-defined brow simply to determine the best shape for you. Use a dark pencil so that you can easily see the lines, and draw a shape that incorporates as much of your brow hair as possible to minimize the need for the plucking. If you’re not exactly great at precision, you can even buy eyebrow templates to help you out (yes, they really exist!). Once you have a great shape that you’re happy with, simply pluck any stragglers. This really is one of the best ways to prevent over-plucking and help keep a great shape.

3. Brush Up

Many of us have a few random hairs that pop up well beneath our natural brow line, but we don’t need to pluck these out to get a great eyebrow shape. In fact, all we need to do is brush up! You’ll need a clean spoolie for this, which you can either buy, or you can simply wash an old mascara wand to save money. Brush your eyebrows into shape, taking care to brush these low-lying stragglers upwards to try to incorporate them into the main shape of the brow. There’s a few more advantages of this method, too; brushing the hair up adds lift and volume, giving your brows more depth, definition, and ‘oomph’!

4. Brow Trim

Brow Trim

How about trimming your eyebrows with scissors? OK, we know it sounds scary, and we know it shouldn’t be done all the time, but there are occasions when trimming can be a great way to tidy up unruly brows. Once you’ve shaped your brows, have a look for any extra long hairs (they happen!) that are messing up the overall shape, and carefully cut them to size. Just remember not to get too scissor happy. After all, eyebrows are supposed to look soft and feathery to frame the face well, and if you start chopping the hairs, they can appear harsh and sharp. Take your time, and don’t cut if you’re not sure.

5. Hairspray

Hairspray to keep our head hair in great shape

We use hairspray to keep our head hair in great shape, so why not use it for our eyebrow shape, too? Of course, it’s dangerous to spray hairspray directly into the face, so the best method here is to spray a small amount onto the fingers, and then work the fingertips through the eyebrows, creating the desired shape. You can then repeat to tidy up any stray hairs, and incorporate them into the shape, too. Alternatively, spray hairspray onto a spoolie or old, clean mascara wand for the same effect. Hairspray has so many unusual beauty uses — did you know it can also make your nail polish dry quicker?

6. Microblading


This method is not as easy as the rest of the mentioned but it's definitely worth of trying out. Microblading is a technique of the pigment implanted with a manual tool. The goal is to achieve natural look since hairs are „drawn“ in a natural direction. It's achieved with a pencil tool that has a fixed small blade with many disposable needles. It looks natural because during treatment, there are several shades of pigments that are used. Results of this method last for up to 2 years.

No Pain, But Still Gain!

As women, we put ourselves through a lot of pain in the name of beauty, from waxing our legs to getting our ears pierced. But the good news is that plucking needn’t be a pain we need to feel again… at least not on a regular basis. There’s plenty of ways to shape brows without resorting to the tweezers! Maybe it's time to try one of the mentioned methods and to see how they work for you, you'll probably be surprised. If you have your own style and you love the way your eyebrows look, thick or thin, wear them proudly, no matter what other people or trends tell you. Otherwise, enjoy your completely new look.

Linda Collins is interested in fashion, beauty, and new trends. As she recognized microblading as one of the promising new trends she decided to train at Deluxe Brows, and is now passionate about it. Linda likes to share her experiences and knowledge with others so she writes about all beauty tips and tricks she knows.

Linda Collins

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