Summer Beauty Tips for Women

Essential Summer Beauty Tips for Women Over 30

As you age, your beauty routine gets more complicated. You put more products on your face, you go for more treatments, and you do more things that take up more time, both in the morning before you head out and at night before you hit the sack.

While your skincare and beauty routine from back in your 20s may have still worked for you during your 30s, it surely has to be updated by the time you hit your 40s. During this age, your body starts to make drastic changes, both inside and outside, that will require you to do certain things and use certain products to keep a radiant and youthful appearance.

Some of these take precious minutes, some even hours, away from your busy day and require some level of effort while others are practically second-nature already and are super easy and effortless to do and incorporate into your daily routine. In the summer, especially, when the sun is scorching hot and the wind is particularly humid, it’s important to maintain a routine that will keep your looking fresh all the time. Here are some essential summer beauty tips for women over 40.

Take Vitamins Religiously

Taking the right kinds of vitamins every day is not only beneficial for your health but for your beauty as well. Vitamin C, for example, may help build your resistance against viruses but did you know that it’s also a great source of antioxidants and it helps in the production of collagen to give you younger looking skin?

Invest in Skincare 

A girl applying wrinkle free and anti aging body lotion

Now that signs of aging are ready to show up anytime, it’s important to invest on skincare items that will help you delay them for a while longer. In case you haven’t already started on using products labeled as “anti-aging,” now is the time to start. This is also the time to start looking for and using more potent products like essences and serums and those that target wrinkles and fine lines. Remember, having good skin is the first step to looking better and younger. Here are some products that you can look into using:

  • Retinol / Retinoid Creams - Unclogs pores, boosts collagen production, and expedites cell turnover
  • Topical Collagen - Gives you softer, smoother, and more supple skin
  • Peptide Serum - Restores youthful glow and makes skin look and feel softer and smoother
  • Vitamin C Serum - Can help fight and treat melasma, a common skin problem among women in their 40 and beyond, which tends to intensify during the summer months.
  • Gentle Eleansers and Exfoliators - When choosing a cleanser and exfoliator, go for the gentle yet effective options and avoid those with harsh ingredients since the skin gets thinner with age and may not be able to handle the harshness from these products
  • Q10 Moisturizers - Whether it’s facial cream or body lotion, moisturizers are important in helping keep your skin away from dehydration and the nasty look that it brings about. The addition of Q10 to your daily moisturizer can help your skin maintain its firmness and elasticity.

Fight Sun Damage

Protecting your skin from the sun is important at any age, but it becomes even more crucial in your forties when your skin starts to become more prone to all sorts of skin issues caused by exposure to the sun. Wear sunscreen every day and reapply religiously. As much as possible, go for makeup and beauty products that offer SPF for added protection.

Use Less Makeup

Using less makeup can cover up the signs of aging

Contrary to what most believe, overloading your face with a ton of makeup isn’t going to help cover up the signs of aging that have been showing up more and more recently. Instead, it makes you look older, especially when the foundation cakes or the eyeshadow creases which is a likely problem during summer when the air is humid and you sweat more. Unless you’re going somewhere special, it’s better to use less makeup for a fresh and natural look.

Note: On days (or nights) when you do need to wear more makeup, though, remember to create a flawless base before getting into the smaller details. Get a good primer that will shrink pores or fill in fine lines to make your face smoother and a nice foundation that matches your skin tone perfectly.

Hydrate Inside and Out

Sydration in key in maintaining a youthful glow during the dry, dreary months of summer. Be sure to hydrate yourself inside and out by drinking lots of water, applying moisturizers and spritzing on a refreshing mist after doing your makeup and throughout the day.

Wear The Right Hair Color

Summer is usually the time to go lighter than your natural hair color but just because the salon is offering you a million and one hair color choices doesn’t mean you can and you have to consider each and every one of them. If you’re over 40, it’s best to stay away from anything too bold, too dark, too light, or too trendy. In short, don’t go too far from your natural hair color. Try to restore the vibrancy in your hair color instead of changing it altogether. Doing so may just age you even more.


There’s nothing wrong with growing old and since you can’t stop yourself from doing so, the next best thing to do is grow old gracefully and beautifully, don’t you think? If you enjoyed this list or have any questions or suggestions, be sure to leave a comment. Feel free to share this article to your friends, too, so you can all look youthful and more beautiful in the summer months to come.​

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