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How Can I Remove Black Spots From My Lips?

One of the most appealing features of your face is your lips. For ladies out there, it is well-agreed that the best sellers in cosmetics are lip products. However, there are some people who are a bit unhappy because of black spots on lips which causes a change in their physical appearance.

For some, it may be like a case unsolved. But, awareness is a must in order to determine why a person has a black spot on lip.

The following are some of the factors which contribute to the presence of dark spots on lips:

  1. Vitamin deficiency is the most common factor. If there is a need for you to consult with your healthcare provider, don’t think twice especially if you notice certain changes in your body. Take note that a dark spot on lip might be caused by lack of Vitamin B.
  2. Excessive smoking and drinking causes your lips to attain black dot on lip stains because of nicotine present in cigarettes. Thus, try to control these to have healthy lips.
  3. Using lip products which are already expired is also another factor.
  4. It may also be caused by excessive quantity of iron in your body.
  5. Hyperpigmentation may also be a cause.
  6. Caffeine causes stains on your teeth and lips.
  7. Hormonal imbalance is indicated with these black spots which results to a need for a treatment to have a proper functioning of hormones.
  8. Sun exposure may also be a factor.

Too much exposure to the sun causes dry lips and dark spot on lip. Thus, it is advisable for you not to expose yourself to the sun for a long period of time. Prevent such appearance of black spots by applying moisturizers or petroleum oil so that your lips are kept moist.

Tips to Consider to Remove Dark Spots on Your Lips

Having known some of these certain factors, there are also home remedies that you can apply to remove or treat a black spot on lip to achieve healthy and beautiful lips:

1. Lemon Juice

You can lighten the black dot in mouth by applying lemon juice directly on it. You may also opt to use lip products which contain citrus extracts. Lemon juice has a bleaching property which contributes to less visible black spots. The results are better if it is applied before bedtime.

2. Hydration

Drinking water is a way to hydrate your body. A minimum of 4 liters a day is a good practice. However, an active person usually needs more than the said amount. By drinking lots of water, you can prevent the appearance of black spot on lip.

3. ​Apple Cider Vinegar

You may reduce the presence of black spots by applying apple cider vinegar. Put a small amount on the cotton ball then apply it directly on the black spot. Its bleaching properties can help eliminate the spots and restore the normal and healthy appearance of your lips.

4. Glycerin

You can achieve beautiful lips effectively with the help of glycerin mixed with rose water or rose petals. This mixture is considered to be a moisturizer for your lips. It is recommended that you apply this on your lips before bedtime. In this way, you are a little step closer to removing your dark spot on lip.

5. ​Sugar Scrub

Dead cells on your lips can be removed through scrubbing. This will make your lips fresh as you are promoting new cell development on your lips. Just simply rub your lips gently with a mixture of sugar and lemon juice.

6. Beetroot Juice

It works wonderfully as it reduces the dark spot on lip. Try to use this solution for 3 months and get a prompt result which will make you amazed.

What to Do to Avoid Black Spots on Lips

It is always best if you are secured with care measures on the problem of black spots. You might want to consider the following tips to prevent the appearance of black spot on lip.

1. Healthy Diet

It is best to have adequate intake of water to avoid dry lips and dehydration. Try to avoid hot food and drinks like coffee and tea as they aggravate the existing darks spots on your lips.

2. Vitamin C Intake

This is usually recommended for active smokers. Vitamin C has a vital role in the restoration of damaged tissues of skin because of the produced collagen.

3. Use of Lip Products

Lipstick and Chapstick can be an alternative to cover the dark spots. However, it should be noted that you should not use expired products as it may have a harmful effect. These lip products can act as moisturizers most especially during the winter or when it is extremely dry. This may also prevent you to bite and lick your lips which also causes chapped lips.

Having known the home remedies that are discussed in the previous paragraphs, there are times that these do not work or help in the progress of removing black spots in mouth. By this time, it should be a great consideration from your end to seek necessary aid from a dermatologist.

There are rare conditions where a black spot on lip can be a sign of cancer. You should be aware that skin cancer has a high rate of mortality because of its aggressiveness. See to it that the black spots are not small lumps. If you are uncertain, do not delay your appointment with your healthcare provider.

If one way or another it is proven that it is only a dark spot on lip and natural home remedies do not work, laser surgery is the only way. However, this method of getting rid of dark spots is risky as it may result to scars.

Dark spots present on your lips are not risky as long as you are sure that those are not small lumps. These are only a form of discoloration caused by several factors which result to an uneven skin color of your lips. Nevertheless, it is always best to consult with your healthcare provider before applying the above mentioned home remedies.

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