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Is Cottage Cheese Cellulite Result of Hormonal Issues or Diet

Is Cottage Cheese Cellulite Result of Hormonal Issues or Diet?

Frankly, it’s an age-old question that women have asked themselves and each other for ages! You know what the truth is, we bet almost all of the women in your family, in your office or school, and the women in your professional and personal networks, all have cellulites, albeit, in varying degrees. Even the very attractive and alluring artist, Katy Perry, has admitted to having cellulites when she said, “Me, honestly, I've got cellulite. I'm just hiding it”.

Unlike Katy Perry, many other women opted to undertake more drastic measures to get their cellulites out of sight. In fact, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there were more than 30,000 cellulite-related procedures that were performed in 2015 alone.

Why Do You Have Cellulites?

So, are hormones and diet causing you cellulites? Partly, yes. Before you can even start to think about cellulite reduction, here are two facts concerning cellulites, hormones and diet which you must know:

1. Women are predisposed to develop cellulites compared to men because of estrogen - This is the reason why we were betting that most women in your circles are dealing with some level of cellulite issues as well. That’s because studies have shown that more than 90 per cent of women have cellulites.

Estrogen, the primary reproductive hormone of women, is the main culprit. As a woman’s body prepares to for pregnancy, childbirth and child rearing, estrogen levels shoot up to encourage women to store more fats for themselves and for their babies. You will be screaming, “Unfair” once you learn that men’s higher testosterone levels, in turn, are making them store more muscles that burn more fats, making their bodies leaner and much less prone to cellulites — but, that does not mean that men are completely immune to growing them.

2. Poor diet can affect how cellulites show - There is no compelling evidence, however, that being fat or eating a high sodium or a high glucose diet directly leads to the appearance of cellulites. The effect is more to the degree in which cellulites show on the surface of your skin. The more fats you have stored in your body, the more fats will be pushing against your skin, making cellulites appear more visible among women with bulkier figures but, not always.

So, What Makes Cellulites Appear?

The root causes of cellulites remain unknown. Zeroing down on the facts, cellulites are caused by the following changes happening just underneath the surface layer of your skin:

glucose diet directly leads to the appearance of cellulites

1. Tough skin fibers appear underneath your surface skin layer - For what reason, it still isn’t clear but, these fibers pulls down on your skin, causing the surface to appear dimpled from the outside from where you can view it.

2. Hardened fat cells become trapped within skin fibers - As the skin fibers appear, fats become trapped within. These fats then become more visible as they grow in size because they push against the surface of your skin, causing the surface to appear like cottage cheese.

The Top Rated Treatments To Vanish Cellulites Now

Just like in wrinkle care, there are a variety of products and procedures that either reduce or eliminate cellulites. Moreover, these treatments require different periods of time to work to improve the appearance of cellulites, whether these are on your thighs, legs, arms, abdomen or, elsewhere in your body. Here are the cellulite treatment options available for you:

1. Cellulite and Firming Creams - If you ask, “Celluvexin?” The answer is, “Yes”. The ability of topical solutions to perform cellulite removal requires regular, long-term use, and the presence of active ingredients that have been proven by clinical studies to reduce the appearance of cellulites. Other ingredients show some level of efficacy are caffeine, cypress and arginine, most especially when combined with fat-burning workouts.

2. Self-tanning Creams - The fastest way to make your cellulites appear less noticeable is by darkening cellulite affected areas. Tanning makes your skin appear thicker and smoother. The technique does not necessarily remove or reduce your cellulites, it just makes it appear so.

3. Body Toning - Through a cellulite and fat-busting workout and weight training routine, you can target cellulite-challenged parts of your body so that you can tighten your muscles and skin around these parts. This is a method that will take longer for results to show but, will also redound to longer lasting results when compared to tanning creams. These will not take away your cellulites but, make the fats that are causing them leaner so that they don’t press against the surface layer of your skin.

Body Toning

4. Minimally Invasive and Non-Invasive Procedures - These are clinic-based procedures that involve puncturing the skin (minimal) or, none at all but, are nowhere as risky as traditional plastic surgery procedures. Here are your current top 4 options, all are FDA approved and all have been shown to redound to improvements that last beyond two years:

  • Cellulaze - This procedure utilizes a pen-like laser that is inserted just underneath the skin to perform two functions. First, it cuts through the tough skin fibers to release the hardened fats. Second, it melts the fats so that it can be reintegrated back into the bloodstream and excreted.
  • Cellfina - Works just like Cellulaze, except that the procedure uses a needle.
  • Endermologie and Body FX - Both of which are non-invasive and makes use of their respective devices designed to massage and suck on the surface layer of your skin. The action causes the skin fibers to snap and fat cells to be released. Unlike Cellfina and Cellulaze, these procedures may take several treatment sessions before noticeable improvements become noticeable.


With the current availability of a more varied line up of non-invasive and minimally invasive cellulite removal procedures, it wouldn’t be surprising to see this number drastically shoot up in the coming years. So, when you are seriously bothered by your cellulites, it’s time to consider your treatment options.​

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