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The Most Effective Ways To Prepare Your Skin For Spring

Goodbye winter… in all honesty – it wasn’t THAT pleasant hanging with you!

As we start coming out of hibernation and shed our woolly layers, it’s time for some spring skin cleaning! These past few months of harsh winter were a torture to our skin, causing irritation, cracking and dryness (not to mention the horrible, horrible flakes that came as a sound aftermath of the torture our skin had to go through!). Adjusting your current beauty routine so you can welcome spring with fresh and fabulous skin shouldn’t be that hard as long as you are diligent about your beauty commitment.

The beauty tips we are about to lay out are great to use throughout the entire year and a fantastic thing to remember; they are a must-know information to every lady that will keep your skin healthy, irritation-free and glowing!

Enjoy our little tips and make sure you give us feedback!

Scrub That Winter Off!

Due to an accumulation of dead skin cells, there is no doubt left that this past harsh winter has left you with dry, flaky skin that needs to get its glow back immediately! Exfoliating will help remove those dead skin cells and reveal the smooth, radiant complexion underneath. Use a sugar scrub or a mineral salt to exfoliate your skin a couple of times a week. However, don’t overdo it and use the scrub over three times per week.

Treat Yourself to a Facial

Facial can help your Skin to prepare for spring

To all of the girls who aren’t that fond of exfoliating at home, go one step further and revitalize your appearance with a facial at a cosmetician.

Ideal for all skin types is an in-depth treatment that will sure leave your skin fresh and revitalized. Most salons follow the same technique as its proven excellent on all skin types and ages. Expect to get the dead cells scrubbed away (everything that winter has left on the surface of your skin) and your skin revitalized with a cleansing mask. Most treatments also include a vaporization of essential oils (this usually depends on the salon), the extraction of blackheads and a neck and shoulder/chest massage, following.

Drink Up!

Drink More Water

Hey, hey, leave those liquor thoughts for some other time and focus on the drink of life – water! During winter, the cold weather dries the skin up, leaving it without its much-needed moisture; this is why it is very important to hydrate properly. First, when you are properly moisturized your skin easily releases toxins through sweat and urine, leaving the skin glowing. Secondly, your appetite is easier to keep under control and you break down fat more easily. Drink about 2l of water per day, or more.

Use Sunscreen Diligently

You may already know this, but it doesn’t hurt to be reminded: you can get sunburns throughout the entire year, winter and spring especially. This is why you should immediately start using sunscreen, and commit to using it all around the year. Opt for SPF of 15 or higher.

Using sunscreen diligently can also help protecting your skin in spring

Know that UV lights are stronger than your skin and that you can get blemished underneath. Even though some burns aren’t visible straight away they are likely to show on the skin many years after or at old age. Be smart, use sunscreen!

Go With a Gentle Soap

Look for soap with Aloe and nourishing Vitamin E as the change in weather definitely requires something other than harsh winter soaps. Be advised that your skin notices the temperature change and it acts which is why you need to treat it to what it needs. Trust us, your skin will be thankful and your hands soft and nourished once again.

Enjoy an Organic Coffee Bean and Coconut Oil Peeling

Organic coffee bean can give gorgeous glow to the skin

To give your skin it’s gorgeous glow back and keep it soft and smooth, opt for a coffee and coconut oil peeling. True coffee lovers (yes, we’re there as well!) will absolutely love this mask! This time around, using your favorite coffee bean for something other than a wake up alert will be every bit as thrilling and interesting! All it takes for the mask is two tablespoons of specialty coffee and one tablespoon of coconut oil. Mix it all in a deep bowl until you get a thick texture. Then, apply for about two or three minutes on the skin in circular moves and rinse. You’ll love the effect, we promise!

Soak Your Skin Up

There’s no better time than the present to treat yourself to a long, relaxing bubble bath, is there? If you are all about having a silky skin, fill your bathtub with mild water (borderline hot) and – here’s a brilliant twist – sprinkle in baking soda! Then, “add 2 cups of warm milk and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Soak for 30 minutes and dry with a soft towel. Make sure you moisturize after with a body milk of your choice” to give your skin an added pamper.​

Use The Sun Wisely

Get your friends gathered on your rooftop terrace and start the sunbathing session! If you use proper protection, the sun produces more collagen and it absorbs vitamin D, which is great. Avoid the harsh sun, though…. try not to get entirely exposed to the sun; rather, mix the shade and sunrays all throughout your spring sunbathing season.

Leave The Shower Quickly

While a long shower may feel amazing after work, try to cut it short to approximately ten (10) minutes. To keep moisture on point, shower less, avoid hot water and dab the skin with a towel after you’re done with the showering (instead of scrubbing it).​

Be The Queen of Indulgence


The spa is the perfect place to give your winter skin a refreshing treatment. Spending a day at a spa isn’t too expensive, really; affording it once a week or at least two times a month, shouldn’t be that big of an expense. Facials, massages, customized skin treatments and body wraps are just some of the many services available for pampering your skin. Choose what feels best!

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