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If you want to share your views through the written word, we are definitely up for it. Send us what you thing would be something that can help people in the niche and we will post it on our website!

At, we are always open to new thoughts and ideas that people have regarding skincare. You might want to share your thoughts on something that you bought from the store the other day or maybe you’d like to give us a sneak peek into your great-gran’s recipe for treating acne prone skin. It always helps to share with the community because then we all collectively become better for it!

Also, we have about an average of 150k visitors every month, so you can be assured that what you share will definitely reach and benefit a lot of people!

Your post has to relate to one of the following topics:

  • Topics
    • Skin Care
    • Health
    • Wellness
    • Vitamins
    • Beauty
    • Foods
    • Nutrition
  • Needless to say, it shouldn’t be plagiarized and should be original.
  • It shouldn’t push a product and service, we do this to share knowledge and not for commercial benefit.
  • Any approved post will be edited for grammar and formatting at our end.
  • An article should be more than 1000 words in length
  • Author bios are recommended but not a necessary condition for your article to be accepted. Limiting your bio to 100 words is preferable.

If you are able to adhere to these guidelines, then send us the article in an email as a word attachment to We will review and get back to you on it. We do not offer monetary recompense for submitting articles. If it’s approved, we will post it along with the batch of articles in the following month.

Please have a look at some of our recently submitted guest posts:

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Fix Your Skin Write For You

If you are in the skincare niche and think that your website could use more readers through engaging and creative content, then you should definitely drop in a line with us!

Our Content

These are examples of guest posts that we’ve written for high authority sites.

Get More And For Literally Nothing!

We at believe that creating content is its own reward and we are not for monetary remuneration. We have written for several big names in the niche and are looking to give people more knowledge about skin wellness and DIY recipes that you can make right at home.

Our posts come with the guarantee that it will generate buzz and will also be shared around plenty by people in your social feed. This is because we are able to write on a vast array of topics when it comes to skincare and wellness. But with a new spin on them so it will still be fresh content and will appeal to readers.

Our Content Can Get You Noticed

Writing for popular websites in the niche has ensured that our articles are rich with quality content and engrossing to read as well. We are able to handle a huge volume of content so you will definitely get articles with minimal of delays.

Let’s take a look at what our content can do for you

Educate The Reader

Content that informs is an important part of writing, especially in our niche. We make sure that our content is curated by experts in the field and only then sent out to you.

Bring In Traffic

Get more people interested in your website. Readers always enjoy quality content, and this is exactly what we can give you. More people getting on your website means more revenue and we understand this aspect well!

SEO Aspect

Getting search engines interested is a very real concern most are dealing with. Our content is optimized for SEO, meaning that it will seem a lot more attractive to crawlers than pages which are not optimized. Our content will boost your SERP ranking for the title we write on.

What You Can Expect From Our Posts

  • A post that is original and contributes to the topic of discussion
  • Engaging content that will have your readers discussing about it even weeks after posting
  • The post will have a clearly defined goal and conclusion
  • Our articles are usually 800 words long, we find that has the best reach
  • 2 links back to our website and brand

Approaching Us

If you would like us to write for you, please mail us at with the subject line “WANT CONTENT” and we can revert as quick as we can. Do make to tell us a little bit about yourself and your brand so we can get an idea about what kind of content we can provide. For this purpose, you could send across some blog posts on your website, which will help us identify what kind of articles would be a good fit for your website.

We will revert with a list of topics that we think will work for your website. You can also suggest a topic that you want written on and we’ll get right on it.

Once again, thank you for getting in touch with us for creating content. We are sure that our articles can create a positive impact on your website!